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Hi, I'm Sgt. Hishiro! I have a love for writing and I like feedback on how to improve my writing.

I'm also just your average teen sports bash...

FictionPress Rules:


If you wrote ‘better than it sounds’ means it is not better than it sounds.

If I see ‘please give it a try’ occasionally accompanied by “first fanfic!’ means the author knows it’s really not great and is looking for pity.

Any excuse such as ‘i suck a summaries’ is not an excuse. If you can write a story you can write two sentences about that story.

If the summary does not have proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation the story will not either


Never ever post a chapter without at least getting a grammar and spelling checker to go through it first. It's a pain decoding half the stuff people post on here

Put the Author's note at the end! Let the reader enjoy what they came for first then rant on to them about your own personal life.

Make sure the story flows from chapter to chapter. If you take a long break from writing then go back and re-read your story to get it fresh in your mind again and familiarise yourself with the plot. Remember, it's not what happens, but how it happens and how you tell it that makes more of a difference.


Never ever leave flame or hate in the reviews. It doesn't help you or the writer or anyone else. It's a waste of time for everyone.

If you leave a review as a guest, I don't mind, but just so that I can get back to you leave something like a fake name at the bottom.

When you want to have a discussion about the story with another reader, don't do it in the comments, it has never happened to me but I have seen it happen and it is so annoying! Just PM them and if they're a guest then ask them to create an account or some other form of contact for you to discuss the story by.


If you plan on going on hiatus, tell your readers. It has happened to me and it's really annoying when a writer doesn't post for a few years then comes back saying s/he was on hiatus.

Explain your reasons unless it's personal, then say so. Readers hate it when writers just go on hiatus without an explanation and it's infuriating.

End of rant

Favourite quotes that motivate/inspire me

"If you're working on something that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you"

-Steve Jobs

"Don't be the person with an unfulfilled dream, get up and make it happen, or die trying"

-My Dad

"If you can dream it you can do it"

-Walt Disney

"If the chances are one in a million, they're still there"


“Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open.”

-Pauline Kael

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

-Eleanor Roosevelt

101 Day Writing Challenge

Up for a little challenge, my dear friend? Copy paste this into your profile if you want to have a go!

Day One: Write about your favourite character(s).

Day Two: Write about your favourite villain(s).

Day Three: Write about your favourite ship.

Day Four: Put in a self-insert OC.

Day Five: Write about one or more characters getting sick.

Day Six: Write about your favourite AU.

Day Seven: Write about your favourite friendship.

Day Eight: Write about a character being kidnapped.

Day Nine: The characters are forced into an odd situation involving a prank. Bring in at least twelve characters and bring back the self-insert OC.

Day Ten: Write about Halloween.

Day Eleven: Write about a character losing their most valued sense (for example: becoming blind, mute or deaf).

Day Twelve: Write a songfic.

Day Thirteen: Write a death scene.

Day Fourteen: Write about a character having a panic attack.

Day Fifteen: Write about a deadly deal between a good guy and a bad guy.

Day Sixteen: Write about an injury.

Day Seventeen: Write about a regular day where every character cross paths or are mentioned at least once (the self-insert OC can be included).

Day Eighteen: Write about the rain.

Day Nineteen: Write about a character being trapped.

Day Twenty: Write about Thanksgiving.

Day Twenty-One: Write about an experiment.

Day Twenty-Two: Write about an escape.

Day Twenty-Three: Write about the future generation.

Day Twenty-Four: Write about the past generation.

Day Twenty-Five: Write about an accident.

Day Twenty-Six. Write a scene from three different perspectives (I, he/she/they and you).

Day Twenty-Seven: Write a fight scene.

Day Twenty-Eight: Write about each main character's biggest fear.

Day Twenty-Nine: Expand a scene.

Day Thirty: Write about Black Friday.

Day Thirty-One: Write about your favourite episode/chapter/etc.

Day Thirty-Two: Write a High School AU.

Day Thirty-Three: Write about the colours red and blue.

Day Thirty-Four: Write about the past, the present and the future.

Day Thirty-Five: Write about a character going into surgery.

Day Thirty-Six: Write about a monster.

Day Thirty-Seven: Write about the blood on a rose's petal.

Day Thirty-Eight: Write about a character killing for the first time.

Day Thirty-Nine: Write about the parent figure taking care of the characters.

Day Forty: Write about a birthday.

Day Forty-One: Write about an angel and a demon.

Day Forty-Two: Write about a broken clock.

Day Forty-Three: Write about a resurrection.

Day Forty-Four: Have a character go missing.

Day Forty-Five: Write about grief.

Day Forty-Six: Write about self-hatred.

Day Forty-Seven: Write about the stars.

Day Forty-Eight: Write a Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Day Forty-Nine: Describe three or more different colours of your choosing using different generals and character relationships.

Day Fifty: Write about Christmas.

Day Fifty-One: Write about a sleepless night.

Day Fifty-Two: Write about a character taking a bullet (or something similar) for a loved one.

Day Fifty-Three: Use a nursery rhyme for a dark/depressing short.

Day Fifty-Four: Write about the sea.

Day Fifty-Five: Write about a permanent injury (like a permanent limp you have to wear a brace for, or a lost limb).

Day Fifty-Six: In some way, have one or more character's only able to speak their first language for a short (or long) period of time (if they're English, maybe have their parents teach them their language first? And if it's something like Ninjago, give them a nationality you think best suits them).

Day Fifty-Seven: Write about a dare or a bet (or both).

Day Fifty-Eight: Write about a headcanon.

Day Fifty-Nine: Write about a double/triple/etc. date.

Day Sixty: Write about the New Years.

Day Sixty-One: Write about a character finding a stray animal.

Day Sixty-Two: Write about a character losing something important to them.

Day Sixty-Three: Write about a fire.

Day Sixty-Four: Write about the moon.

Day Sixty-Five: Two or more characters are kidnapped and tortured.

Day Sixty-Six: Write about scars.

Day Sixty-Seven: Write about a thunderstorm.

Day Sixty-Eight: Write about a road trip.

Day Sixty-Nine: Write about a trip to the supermarket.

Day Seventy: Write about Valentines Day.

Day Seventy-One: Write about a car accident.

Day Seventy-Two: Write about the characters meeting a racist/homophobic/etc.

Day Seventy-Three: Write about a flower crown.

Day Seventy-Four: Write about two characters that hate each other being forced to work together.

Day Seventy-Five: Write about a background character.

Day Seventy-Six: Write how one or more characters react to going to the doctors/dentist.

Day Seventy-Seven: Write about a snowball fight.

Day Seventy-Eight: Write about two or more characters going undercover.

Day Seventy-Nine: Write about the main characters being forced to attend a Gala.

Day Eighty: Write about Mothers Day.

Day Eighty-One: Write a polyamory ship (a pairing of three or more characters).

Day Eighty-Two: Write about two or more characters being locked in a small room.

Day Eighty-Three: Write about the sunrise.

Day Eighty-Four: Write about a nightmare.

Day Eighty-Five: Write about abuse.

Day Eighty-Six: Write about bullying.

Day Eighty-Seven: Write about sibling love.

Day Eighty-Eight: The characters watch a horror movie.

Day Eighty-Nine: Explore a relationship (friendships and rivalries count).

Day Ninety: Write about Fathers Day.

Day Ninety-One: Write a gene you've never done before.

Day Ninety-Two: Write about a theory.

Day Ninety-Three: Write about two characters being buried alive together.

Day Ninety-Four: Write about a game of chess.

Day Ninety-Five: Write about a runaway.

Day Ninety-Six: Write about being lost.

Day Ninety-Seven: Write about the snow.

Day Ninety-Eight: Write about the cracks in the ice.

Day Ninety-Nine: Write about regret.

Day One Hundred: Write about Easter.

Day One Hundred and One: Write about death.

Story lengths

Short Story

1,000-7,500 words

The 'regular' short story, usually found in periodicals or anthology collections. Most 'genre' zines will feature work at this length.


7,500-20,000 words

Often, a novelette-length work is difficult to sell to a publisher. It is considered too long for most publishers to insert comfortably into a magazine, yet too short for a novel. Generally, authors will piece together three or four novelette-length works into a compilation novel. This is where I like most of my stories to get to at least.


20,000-50,000 words

Although most print publishers will baulk at publishing a novel this short, this is almost perfect for the electronic publishing market length. The online audience doesn't always have the time or the patience to sit through a 100,000-word novel. Alternatively, this is an acceptable length for a short work of non-fiction.


50,000-110,000 words

Most print publishers prefer a minimum word count of around 70,000 words for a first novel, and some even hesitate for any work shorter than 80,000. Yet any piece of fiction climbing 110,000 work mark also tends to give editors some pause. They need to be sure they can produce a product that won't overextend their budget, but will still be enticing enough to readers to be sellable. Imagine paying good money for a book less than a quarter-inch thick.

Epics and Sequels

Over 110,000 words

If your story extends too far over the 110,000 mark, perhaps consider where you could either condense the story to only include relevant details or lengthen it to span out into a sequel, or perhaps even a trilogy (unless, of course, you're Stephen King- then it doesn't matter what length your manuscript is- a publisher is a little more lenient with an established author who has a well-established readership).

Remember, these word counts are only estimated guides. Use your own common sense and where possible, check the guidelines of the publication you intend to submit your work to. Most publishers accepting shorter works will post their maximum preferred lengths, and novels are generally considered on the strength of the story itself, not on how many words you have squeezed into each chapter.

Sgt. Hishiro

Lord of the Soldier reviews
He used to be innocent. But the war changed it all. He saw the world, clenched in his fist of power, a worthless being unable to escape. He saw the inhabitants, slaving like ants to keep themselves alive. It nurtured him into a sick twisted being. It brought him to his knees, to where he lay now. Had he taken the right decision, all those years ago? To be restarted
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