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I'm just someone who writes for fun. Oh, and I also love love love reading. Honestly, I have no idea why I chose both of them as hobbies. Maybe because I sucked at everything else XD. Also, maybe because when you're writing, you're (kind of?) opening your mind for the whole world to see. Stories that people write are reflections of how they think; of how they perceive the world (or how they want it to be). I think it's interesting, with so many different point of views to get to know about, people to get acquainted with...

Personally, I think websites like these are the best :)))

Thanks for taking a bit of your time to stop by (kudos for you if you read it this far). Just so you know, I'm a student at senior high (currently on my second year here) and I admit I am a bit busy, so if you want to go ahead and read my stories, be prepared for intermittent updates. Also, another heads up, I tend to use too much of an element/plot device/trait/whatever-you-call-it (something I've been trying to work on lately). Usually it's either hockey (most of my characters are related to it in one way or another - I'm an Indonesian but somehow managed to be a huge fan of the sport), or wars (especially relating to air forces - I love fighter aircraft as well). Every time I try to come up with a character, they usually get tied up with either one or sometimes both of them.

And... That's it. I won't take any more of your time. Once again, thanks for stopping by. Tons of kudos for you for doing that. Bye-bye and have a good day :)

Nah... karena saya orang Indonesia, sudah pasti saya sebaiknya menulis sebagian profil saya dalam bahasa Indonesia, kan? XD

Salam kenal, semuanya :)

Nama: Jeanne152. Kenapa? Karena Jeanne adalah sebagian dari nama saya dan 152 adalah supaya klop sama e-mail (biar gampang ingat - saya orangnya pikunan)

Tanggal Lahir: 14/10.

Umur: nggak usah terlalu rinci ya, yang penting cukup tahu saya sudah di sma.

Agama: ... kepo amat sih???

Gender: lihat aja avatar. Oiya, saya kan gak punya XD. Perempuan.

Hobi: Menulis. (pastinya) Dan membaca.

Sifat: seringkali tidak mampu menyelesaikan cerita. Jadi peringatan, kemungkinan saya bakal jarang update (sekolah!) dan kalaupun update, saya bisa terkesan melantur saat sudah kehabisan ide. Contohnya? Sekarang. Oiya, satu lagi. Saya belum pernah mencoba menulis cerita dalam bahasa Indonesia (mengaku orang Indo, tapi kenapa kadang2 lebih gampang menulis dalam bahasa inggris ya??? sepertinya itu suatu misteri hidup yang tak akan pernah terpecahkan).

Ok, sekian tentang saya. Kalau mau PM, jangan sungkan-sungkan ya :) disini tuh adanya temen, bukan musuh.

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