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About Me: Me? I'm a 28-year-old with an overactive writing urge. I'm a single woman with too many cats, a boa constrictor, and a love of anime. I write to release emotional turmoil mostly and to relieve stress. I'm decent at it - or so I'm told - and love to hear what people think - good or bad - as long as people remember to be polite.

I'm insistent on reviewing everything I read and I always do it logged in. The only time I don't review is if I can find nothing positive to say at all about a story. Not everyone on this site is serious about writing and don't want to get better, they just want to be told "Nice job, keep going" etc. However, a lot of people do want to be a better writer. I mix truthful praise with truthful criticism always phrased politely because that is how I like to be treated.

I dislike rude, abusive people, period. It does no one any good for someone to trash their work, whether or not they're any good or not. All it does is make the abuser feel more superior and the abused more hurt. Everyone has trauma in their lives and it is not your job to make it so they have 'tougher' skin. Some of the people here are barely ten years old. There's enough terrible acts in this world that that child will see before he or she turns 18, why add to it?

Fandoms: Right now, I'm more into InuYasha than anything else, but I write mostly in the InuYasha, Dragonball Z, and Sailor Moon categories, though do have stories from Trigun and a few one shots from other fandoms like Record of Lodoss War.

Pairings: I'm a fan of canon pairings: InuYasha/Kagome, Vejiita/Buruma, Mamoru/Usagi, etc. That's just how I am. Why else would I like the anime I do if I didn't like who the main characters were paired up with? There are very few non-canon pairings I like or will read for pure enjoyment. I honestly can't think of one fandom I like well enough to write fanfiction in that I didn't like the canon pairing. I like the anime for being what it is, not what I want it to be. If you notice, I also tend to be a fan of the 'jerks' paired up with a female. No, I don't go after men who are abusive and no it doesn't do it for me, but I like my man pushy, arrogant, and a bit out of control, but I like them having a good heart, for myself anyway.

My Works: I use the Japanese names mostly, period and as with most Japanese names that aren't written out in the anime/manga in a romanized way, there is no right way to spell it in English, so don't even go there with me. I throw in some Japanese when needed like for names of their clothing that doesn't exactly have a translation in English, but I do not throw in a lot of Japanese making you have to look stuff up just to read the story. If you're a big enough fan of the story, you'll be able to recognize the few words I have put in there and if it is an obscure word for a Japanese tea ceremony or a specific kind of kimono or something, I will put in a translation at the end. And I use youkai because it isn't exactly demon in the western sense and that's how I picture and try to portray those 'demons' in InuYasha. I'm not Japanese so I probably don't think of 'youkai' as a Japanese native might, but I have a broader view of it than just 'demon'.

Also, while sometimes when challenged, I will take a 'cliche' and Jade-ize it as people called it so long ago (meaning I'll put my twist on it to make it more unique than just cliche), sometimes I have an idea and I just go with it and it sometimes comes out as cliche even though most people have told me they like my spins on it. The reason a lot of things are cliche is because a lot of things come out individually, not just copies of each other.

What I Like: I recently cleared my favorites and alert lists, not because I don't like them but as a sort of housekeeping. I've been gone way too long. As to what kind of stories I like, anything within my fandoms of my usual pairings is what I search out to read. I'm not a huge fan of yaoi though I don't mind it and will read it occasionally. It's not that there is anything wrong with it, I am a girl who's straight and my idea of romance that makes me feel more connection to the characters and more involved tend to be Male/Female romance. I don't even mind yuri either, but it makes it harder for me because I don't understand as a woman loving another woman. I understand loving a man, so yaoi is easier for me. I absolutely will not read incestuous romance fics (yaoi, yuri OR straight) or rape romance fics (of any pairing). I don't mind incest and rape in a fic for a realistic purpose, like giving a trauma to one of the characters in an AU or something, and you can describe it how you want. But incest is unnatural in our society and its because it isn't good for the species if closely related individuals actually create a child (which is why some animals and lower organisms actually don't pair with close relatives when they don't even know they're related, something about a non-relative smelling better to them). I honestly find it disturbing that people would try to rationalize it in a romantic view. Same with rape. There is a physiological disorder that causes victims of a violent, traumatic captive scenario feeling something for their captor, but no one is going to fall in love with their rapist, period. So if you want to make it more realistic, have them kidnapped and repetitively raped and beaten for years to develop that and not their boyfriend couldn't control himself and raped her, but it's okay now. I love a male being out of control too, but not to the point where he rapes someone. Rape is about power and dominance, not about lust and love.

All Sites: The only sites allowed to have my fanfiction are the sites I loaded them myself:, , , , . If there are more I'll post them. Yes, I edit my stories down for sites without an X/M/NC17 rating allowed.

News (02/21/08): I'm attempting a revival of my work and my interests in all things I just couldn't bring myself to do until recently. I need to do so and I will do my best. As of right now, I have having some severe computer problems and will post stories I'm working on randomly to save them from a complete wipe when or if my hard drive fails. So I will be posting stuff that isn't edited as well as I'd like just to save it.

I also had a hard drive fail last year and all my stories I had been working on are gone. So I have to get them all off the internet so I'll be rereading them and editing them as I do (like I always do) to let me figure out where exactly I am in those stories. Then I will post new chapters to them. I will avoid starting any of my sequels until I finished the ones I have now, though I did start a new story as an outlet while I tried to figure out exactly what I was going to do with myself. I needed to write, but hadn't had my own stories on my computer. So sorry all you fans of my other stories, but I'll get there!

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