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Hi everyone! I am Snow, yoroshuku onegaishimasu!

Fairy Tail ended two months ago and as many of FT fans were disappointed of how it ended to say the least (I am including myself in that lot), I am so going to write fanfics to continue FT from where Mashima-sensei left of.

Obviously, I DO NOT OWN FT, Mashima sensei does (if I did, it would not have ended like this).

It is likely he will not do a FT's next generation so why can't fans?

Just so we're clear, I am going to tell you which ships I am shipping: NaLu, GaLe,Gruvia, Jerza, Zervis, Miraxus, Kinabra, ElfEver, Baccana, StingYu, Lyredy and Albis.

I don't think I have forgotten any...

So as I said, I am a NaLu fan... I have seen fanfics of Natsu and Lisanna or Lucy and Sting or...

The list is quite long.

Anyway, I can accept the fact that people won't ship the ships I ship but don't mention any of that in the reviews. Even if you do ship somenthing else than NaLu, GaLe, Gruvia (...), I don't want to hear about it. I have friends of mine whom unlike me take the shipping business a lot more at heart and would start insult you for not shipping like them. So, let's say if you don't like the characters I am putting together that's fine but I don't want any conflict over it. If I get negative reviews, it will be the sole fault of my horrible writing and nothing else. I say this because I know FT fans can easily argue about ships (after all, I am one).

All the characters whom I haven't mentionned such as Rougue, Wendy and etc are the characters for whom I don't have a particular couple preference. So, for these characters I am open minded to suggestion and it will probably take form as a vote according to your reviews.

PS: One little exception, I will NEVER put Wendy with Doranbolt. NEVER.

Anyway, CHAPTER 1'S OUT!!!

Tell me what you think in the reviews!!!