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I in no way believe in true male chauvinism, which looks on men as dominant and superior and regards women as emotionally weaker (physically, it’s a fact that men are usually stronger than women), unintelligent, and little better than property. However, I do believe in male leadership and old-fashioned chivalry, and often these days I seem to see these referred to as “chauvinism.” Well, if that’s the case, then I am a chauvinist — and proud of it! However, as it didn’t seem logically possible for a girl to be a “male” chauvinist, and as the word chauvinist by itself is typically taken to mean male chauvinist, I chose FemaleChauvinist as my Fanfiction/FictionPress penname.

This does not mean that I do not have strong female characters; sometimes they even get away from me and are stronger than I might prefer. It simply means that while a man might accept input, help, even advice from a woman, his is the final authority…that a man will always try to protect and provide for a woman no matter how much he knows she can take care of herself…that he will open doors for her not to demean her, but to honor her. Long live true chivalry!

(Profile painting "Daughter of the King" by Ron DiCianni [])

Author’s Need: 1. An unlikely or implausible scene/circumstance, etc. in a story for no other reason than that the author “needs” it to be there for the story to work (e.g., Carlisle and Esme Cullen flying economy to put them next to a certain passenger). 2. A makeshift explanation designed to make some sense of such a circumstance (e.g., they gave up their first-class seats to a passenger who was too large to fly comfortably in economy). Note that author’s need explanations by definition are never perfect; if an explanation is found that fits the story perfectly, both circumstance and explanation cease to be author’s need.

Following are chronological lists of the stories I’ve written for each series (as I do not necessarily write and/or post them in order!), along with lists of the illustrations, which can be found at and/or my website, /femalechauvinist (since the new format of DeviantArt was driving me crazy!).


Listening to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe one day, I was struck by Edmund’s comment that they didn’t really know the faun was telling the truth. Of course, he only said it because he was already under the White Witch’s control…but he did have a good point. So, I immediately started thinking out my own story…one two children go into another world, but the first person they meet may not be what he seems…

Since the idea was backwards from Narnia, I named my country Ainran, or “Narnia” spelled backward. Watch for two other names that are backwards spellings from Narnia!

#1: The Sunburst & the Sword

Chapter Two illustration: Unknown Protector

Chapter Four illustrations: Night Terrors, Unwilling Slave

Chapter Five illustration: Found by the Enemy

Chapter Ten illustration: Daughter of the Prince

Chapter Twenty illustrations: Triumphal Challenge, Victor's Stroke

Chapter Twenty-Six illustrations: Centaur Family, Hauling Logs

Chapter Twenty-Nine illustration: Tyland & Mossheight

Chapter Thirty illustration: Handfed Healer

Chapter Thirty-One illustration: Deep Thirst

Chapter Thirty-Two illustration: Little Hairdresser

#3: Sequel

Chapter Nine illustration: Eve of Battle

Chapter Ten illustration: Escape by Centaur

Chapter Fifteen illustration: Fireside Chat

Chapter Eighteen illustrations: Mysterious Healer, Hands of a Healer

Chapter Twenty-Six illustration: To Lay at His Feet

Chapter Twenty-Seven illustration: Rallying Cry

Deephoof (Comes chronologically before the main series, but is meant to be read after you know the characters.)

Chapter Four illustration: Healer's Aid

Chapter Five illustration: Stareye

Vulcan Trilogy / Tales of the Vulcan

I named the race of the Vulcan before I was really aware of Star Trek, and since Vulcan was a character in mythology long before Star Trek existed, I decided to keep the name.

#1: Callie's Story

#2: Prendergal's Story

X-Ray Fingers

(An alternate history spin-off of my Ainran stories)

One idea I had toyed with when writing The Sunburst and the Sword was that Tyland returned to the world he and Lonna grew up in. I abandoned it pretty quickly, but that didn't stop me from writing some "unofficial" stories based on that idea!

Since Tyland is still in denial that Feodor is his father, he doesn't use his healing Skill unless he has to, and he tells his son Keith nothing of the healing power he's inherited. Keith becomes a doctor when he grows up, and finds he has the ability to detect problems most doctors need scans to diagnose. (He also has some healing ability, but he doesn't use it because he doesn't understand or trust his power.) This has led to the nicknames X-Ray Fingers and just Ray among the other doctors!

It just so happens that the TV doctor Travis Stork looks just about like my mental picture of Keith...

Doggie Knows Best Illustration:Keith and Pippi

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Vulcan Trilogy 2: Prendergal's story reviews
When a young boy is poisoned, he can only be saved if Prendergal risks opening himself up to evil by using the Deep Powers. This boy has a ring valuable enough that someone is willing to murder to get it. Prendergal thought he had defeated the magician Zercon, but is he truly dead? And now that Prendergal's powers have been tainted with evil, can he fight the magician and win?
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Callie was a simple peasant girl — or so she thought. When a struggle between the prince Prendergal and his sworn enemy, the evil magician Zercon, landed on her doorstep, she began to wonder if she was really as insignificant as she believed. Could it be that she was important enough to be in danger of her life?
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X-Ray Fingers: Doggie Knows Best
Amalie DuPonte had laughed at an article about dogs predicting their owners' death, but now Pippi was acting strangely… But will anyone at the hospital believe her that something must be wrong?
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Ainran: Deephoof
The young centaur healer Deephoof was told it was dangerous to attempt to use more Skill than had manifested itself, but when a young centaur begs him for help, Deephoof knows he has no choice. The story of how Deephoof became the most Skilled healer in a hundred years.
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Ainran 3: Sequel reviews
The centaurs have brought a prophecy of an enemy coming to Ainran, but when they refuse to leave their seclusion to help fight, the only hope is the older prophecies of the return of Elshanóro. But will he return in time to save Ainran? [Sequel to "The Sunburst & the Sword]
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Waking to find themselves in an unknown world, Lonna and Tyland are swept into the fight to save the country of Ainran from a cruel tyrant. But which side is telling the truth…and who's the true tyrant?
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