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Hello everybody! My name is Naida Inoa! I write fantasy based stories of varying genres. I mostly write with other people, but on the occasion, I visit a couple of my own personal stories.

Most of what I will be uploading (at least as of this particular moment in time) are collaborations that I do with another user on here named TsumeNagata. We've been writing together since 2009 and currently have 12 books, all of which are in progress and uncompleted. We are hoping that by getting a following and uploading to FictionPress on a semi-regular basis that we will have more motivation to get these done. We have multiple stories currently ongoing but only write in one at a time. There will be no guarantees when anything will be continued or uploaded. (Sorry... Lol.)

One good thing about having multiple people working on a story is that we don't have to exhaust all our creativity on our own. We have another person to bounce ideas with and sometimes a character's reaction is unexpected and takes us in a direction we had never previously considered. This also means we should be able to upload more frequently than if we were forced to do it by ourselves. That being said, life still happens and it can happen to either of us, which can sometimes delay things. (Especially now that Tsume has a baby. >.>)

All books that we have, we DO plan on finishing at some point. All of our books (with the exception of two) are completely original ideas that we spent a lot of time and effort creating and writing. If we ever decide to upload more and we stop visiting one or two of them, they have not poofed permanently. They will return when we feel like delving back into those characters. (Some of our characters are significantly more difficult for us to write for and they are typically important to the plot, so occasionally, we get blocked and just have to put them on the back burner to revisit another day.)

Since a majority of what I do is collaborative, allow me to explain how it essentially works. The style is reminiscent of role-playing (don't get scared by this). So what happens is that we build a world and then we pick one main character. I will make a complete background and identity for mine, and she will do the same for hers. Then we begin the plotting. We discuss how these two characters find each other/run into each other/why they are in the same location, etc. Then we kind of get a vague idea of where we want the story to go, and we begin.

The way the writing works: One of us will start. We will paint the scene and get the ball rolling. Once they write a decent tidbit, we call that a "post" and it is then the next person's turn. They write their reaction based on the first post and add to it. Then it goes back and the cycle forever continues. When we decide to add other characters, we stop to plot who and what they are, why they're there, and why they might be necessary for the story. Typically, one person will write for that character throughout the remainder of the story and will be incorporated into the same post as another of our characters, however, for smaller "extras" they get thrown around a bit. There are also instances where one person will have two characters that get really involved by themselves, and to prevent one of us from writing whole pages all on our own, we may temporarily take up writing for the smaller character role (with approval from the creator on how they act, what they do, how they say things etc.). Another thing to keep in mind is at times when we are writing together in the same room, the writing is not broken into individual posts and instead flows as you would expect of a typical story (even though this doesn't happen frequently it does occur from time to time).

I have collaborations with two other people that I do in addition that there are currently no plans to upload these. Things are always changing, so I might get them to agree, however, they would be uploaded on a -much- slower rate as they have busy schedules that don't involve writing. :( I also have a difficult time with writing in my own personal stories, so if I ever uploaded those, they would also be uploaded whenever.

NOTE: We are our own editors! We do the best we can, but mistakes can happen. If you find anything, let us know. Also, we are in desperate need of a beta reader. If you would like to beta read, there's a lot more story! (Please help us... We hate editing...) Assuming your writing skills are above par, we will determine whether or not to accept based on mutual agreement between myself and TsumeNagata.

We do want, and appreciate the feedback! Because our stories are all "in progress," if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, or need clarification, just let us know and we will take your words into consideration and they might just change the outcome of our story! (We plan on giving credit when appropriate.) Just know that if you suggest something that has already been suggested, we will go by who spoke to us first (to prevent piggybacking). We also sometimes don't realize when there is something that doesn't make sense to the reader or when we fail to mention something since we work on these for so long and talk about them so frequently. It can be difficult for us to remember to put in specifics, so if you ever need more detail, just let us know and we can correct accordingly.

That's about it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

-Naida Inoa

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