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I should have at least something here, shouldn't I, even if the majority of it is a series of quotations and jokes... Feel free to ignore. It's mostly just inane junk

SF in the vein of Asimov and Hawkwind; College student subsisting on coffee; I really like semicolons; I never liked Dickens (prob. cos I tried reading the Two Cities book during a swimming meet and it was super loud and I was a little stressed cos they had duckies for heat winners and I up against a bunch of people who were waay faster than me but anyhow), therefore I avoid all flowery descriptive passages in my own "work" (drivel) in favor of a brutally minimalistic style that relies mostly on the reader's imagination. Plus I'm super lazy.

I like making up words.

And in the fullness of time, the prophecy must be fulfilled and the Hawklords shall return to smite the land. And the dark forces shall be scourged, the cities razed and made into parks. Peace shall come to everyone. For is it not written that the sword is key to Heaven and Hell?

-The Saga of Doremi Fasol Latido

PSA to alll writers: beware of fake nails; some of them are so long, it's hard to type. Those of us who have these talons attached to our ten tiny appendages must band together and create a new genre of fiction: Freestyle Claw Fiction, wherein we will not be held accountable for thee typos made due to long fingernails. Beauty firdt.

you can't add yourself to your favorite authors list :(

This was something Noble Imperative (dude, bagged milk is just weird) made for the heck of it. You can copy and paste; just put in your own answers, she says. As a self-respecting American citizen, I have duly corrected all spellings to the proper American, rather than the original Canadian, which triggers red squiggly underscores.

Favorite environment? (forest, outer space, mountain, glacier, meadow, city, up in the sky, etc)
Somewhere with free coffee and a bathroom. Ice cream would be nice, too. And those glazed cinnamon rolls you get at Tim Hortons... Lots of those...

Favorite season?
Spring. Or fall. Sometimes summer. Never winter.

Favorite type of weather?
Those vaguely warm, gray days in spring particularly in-between one rainstorm and the next.

Favorite color(s)?

Non-fandom related topic you like talking about?
I really enjoy complaining. It's kind of a hobby.

Introvert or extrovert?
Introvert definitely.

Glass half full or glass half empty?
What glass? I guess it's full... water and air... Unless it's in a vacuum. In which case, the water may not be in the glass at all, but there would be only half a glass of...wait, what's in the glass? It has something in it? You don't say what's in it, if anything. Is there even a glass? Gah, this is starting to stress me out. NEXT QUESTION!

Favorite/preferred type(s) of music?
Space Rock, indie, rap, rock, dance, disco, electronic, Glen Miller, country, metal, pop, jazz, space rock...

Poem or story?
Both. Story if it's Isaac Asimov. Poem if it's Oscar Wilde.

What would happen if you met your favorite character in person?
Dude... I'd get Star Saber to be my own private jet. And homework cheat sheet. And as an intimidation ploy to get free cinnamon rolls from Tim Hortons

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