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Hullo! Your friendly neighborhood writer popping in!

My name is Lauren and I love books more than anything, and I've made it my life dream to one day become a published author. I have a few things I've written over time, but most of them were practice exercise or abandoned after the first chapter. (Not that this makes them less valuable, I learned a lot from them). I have one project though that I have never abandoned, and it's my precious child. It's not perfect, nor finished, but I'm willing to work harder on it than I have on anything prior within my short life.

Have you ever written something, and it just felt, right? It's difficult to explain, but it's as if the characters are calling to you, reaching out to say "Tell our story! It needs to be heard!" I know, that sounds rather crazy, but when it happens, it's beautiful. That's what I felt with my main project. That story has helped me through some of the darkest periods of my life, and I owe it to those characters to finish their tales, to have them one day find happiness.

To that effect, I most likely could do with some feedback. I won't be posting my main project here as I plan to one day attempt to have it be published, but I'll post some of my side writings. Some of these will be vents filled to the brim with metaphors, some of these small tales, and others projects that may have been abandoned but aspects returned in future writings. In addition to these, I'll likely post my finished work from my creative writing course that I'm currently taking.

I specialize in fantasy, filled with elves, witches, magic and forests. (And humans, there are still humans!) I don't believe my writing is the best, not anywhere close, but I do believe it is what I am meant to do. So I shall work consistently to improve my skills and ideas until one day I can accomplish my single purpose in life: give back to others what books have given me.

Thank you for dropping by!

~An aspiring author