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New Message! (2-1-03) Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates, but the exams were murder and we just got a new computer and stuff. Oh well, enough stupid excuses, now for the REAL updates! At least once every month there'll be new (or should I say old) chapters of my re-done Digidestined Chronicles until I've caught up to where I left off. Until then, Forbidden Memories and Kaiju Horizon will be updated with alternating months. In other words, this month there is a nice, fat, juicy helping of Kaiju Horizon as you can see below this. Next month, it'll be Forbidden Memories. After that, Kaiju Horizon again and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

As always, you can't find me on Author Search,but my name should be on the first D page in the directory (near the top of the 4th collumn).

What can I say about myself? I'm a Junior at Iolani School, located in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, my interests include surfing, swimming, writing/reading stories, and drawing anime. My life-long dream: to become a credited film director/producer, and to someday in my career revive Digimon (and possibly some other anime and games) and then maybe add my own stories (which may currently be or will be fanfics) to them.

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