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Hey, I'm Euan! Yet another teenager enduring the woes, struggles and angst of such a time in life. I enjoy reading and writing poetry of all styles, formats and topics. From the powerful, simplistic punch of Shel Silverstein, to the sophisticated, intellectual verse of T.S. Eliot. Stick around, and maybe, just maybe, something I write will appeal to you.

"Be the anomaly, the aberration, the glitch, the inconvenient, the divergent, the string of junk code, the stubborn apple that falls nowhere near the tree or the forest. Be the fool, the bonehead, the idiot in the room. Let them shake their groupthink heads at you. Let them be ashamed of you, embarrassed of you, pissed off at you. They will call you names, and you must let them. Let them jeer, let them point, let them laugh. Be resistant to their mockery. Be the fodder for their jokes. Be a magnificent failure in their eyes. A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Go ahead. Be the scar tissue of their world view, their 'normality'. They will loathe you. They will fear you. They'll wish they were you."