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Cough. 'Ello. I am Atarashii -- although my friends tend to call me a variety of nicknames, amongst which Arii is the most popular. -shrug-
Eh. I enjoy writing fanfiction for a variety of series, although as of late I've removed all my Sailormoon and majority of Gundamwing fanfiction; they might be uploaded once more after I rewrite them...a lot.
I'm an avid yaoi and yuri supporter. And a lot of my fanfiction include pairings of the yaoi genre.
So if you're closeminded, or against such, then feel free to not read any of my stuff.
Fair warning.
Feel free to IM me; just make certain as to tell me who you are, and where you got my sn from. ^^;; Writing Update: I am writing...kind of...o_O;; Anyways. Yeah. A lot of my fics are currently being put on hiatus. -shrug- Sorry. x_x;; Ending Thoughts: Thank you to everyone and anyone who has supported me throughout my writing [career?] Your support means a lot to me. ^^