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Ice's Blizzard Room

Hey guys! I'm Ice and I'm the eldest sister of the Wolf Sisters. I have heaps of nicknames but you guys can just call me, Wolfy, Smiles or Kaz. The nickname Boo is the nickname only my little sister uses, so that's a no go zone. Alright soo info... Ok I like anime, manga/books and games. I hate people who are bullies/perverts/sexists etc and the people that think it's ok to be like that. I also do not like people who press their religion on others, sure it's all good to talk about it just don't force others into it. I'm a very opinionated person so if you don't like what I say then deal with it or just go talk to someone else. I have a wild imagination and love to daydream.

Lastly do not get on my bad side or hurt (physically/mentally/emotionally) anyone I care about because I will word blow your mind before it has a chance to comprehend what your body is going through, as I leave like nothing has happened.

Fire's Inferno Room

Hi guys! I'm Fire and I'm the younger of the Wolf Sisters! Call me Beta if you want, hehe. But really, I appreciate being called Kat or Sassy. Chickadee is a nickname reserved by my big sister, so none of you are allowed to call me that. Let's see...I like anime, I hate perverts or people who can't take a hint to leave me alone after I've been made to feel uncomfortable (you know who you are...wait he can't see this. Oh well!), I am disgusted by bullying and discrimination of any kind, given the chance and the right provocation I could quite possibly punch your lights out, I'm generally nice-if not incredibly energetic and hyper, I always have things on my mind, there is never a story idea that doesn't slip into my mind, I have a cat who is more insane than I am (which is a pretty difficult thing to achieve, I kid you not), and finally...

If you piss me off, the last thing you'll see is my poison red hair as I slip out the door, after I've successfully clocked you one right in the shnoz! Otherwise, I'm very agreeable and pleasant to work with!

One song to describe me: I think that MTBD by CL is pretty much a musical personification of me. Check it out, and watch the one where it has the lyrics. The male version is pretty amazing too.

A song I can't stop listening to no matter what: Give Your Love by SPICA.S (Seriously, guys, give it a listen. You will fall in love. But I do think they may have given Bohyung more lines than Narae, Jiwon and Sihyun. That seems pretty unfair. My favorite voices in that song are mostly Narae and Jiwon. Sihyun is okay and Bohyun's holds a certain charm but I feel like she got too many lines.

The Mini Me reviews
This is essentially what it would be like if I were a teacher and if I had a mini me in my classroom. Eat it up, kiddos. Rating for language.
Fiction: Humor - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,790 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 4/13/2018 - Published: 2/27/2018