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Lovely to meet you.

Find me on ao3 and fanfiction under the same name.

I haven't abandoned A Werehuman's Guide to the Stars yet. I just need to figure when and where I accidentally set the story.

The intent was always to choose a pre-Christian Russia where the old gods are worshipped, mostly so I can make a story that romanticizes travel and appreciation of other cultures. It'll piss off white nationalists.

If you live in the United States, surprise! White nationalists in Europe like Paganism. Blech.

Setting the story in Russia with heavy use of wolves and making it gay was also a major factor. The Volki (wolves) are a Russian biker gang. They love Putin, beat up gay people, and helped seize Crimea. I don't like them.

So now I need to find an area of Russia that includes steppe for farming and worshipped Veles before Prince Vladimir converted to Byzantine Christianity. This means it has to be between 100 AD and 1000 AD. As for geographic location, modern day Ukraine would seem like an appropriate choice, but implying that Ukraine is Russia makes me want to punch a hole through the Kremlin.

Most importantly of all, Russia did not exist as a single nation until the 1300s. It was a coalition of tribal territories, none of whom spoke Russian. Except the Kievan Rus' who spoke a sort of proto-Russian. That's going to be an anachronism.

Bottom line: I have work to do. Suggestions are welcome.

The Damascened Beast has been submitted for publication. Tropes Publishing House creates anthologies of works pertaining to fanfiction tropes and this July's ensemble is on soulmates. If you have original fiction, fanfiction, or art related to soulmates, you could have it published too.

I am known to stealth edit, so don't worry if you go back to read and something looks strange. Your memory is fine.

Edit: The Damascened Beast was not accepted into the anthology, but I did receive the nicest rejection letter a writer could hope for. The next topic is due to be announced this September, so keep your eyes peeled and your pen ready.

If you haven't already, leaving a comment with criticism gives me the chance to write stronger stories the next time. Remember, a comment with criticism from someone who read two paragraphs tells me more than insincere praise from someone who read the whole thing.

Favorite kind of story: character-driven adventure

Least favorite: novels that would have been better as fables

I'm in World of Fantasy now.

Make a character and play with me. I'm a gnome with a vain streak.

Au lycée, j'ai fait quatre années de français, mais j'ai la mémoire d'un ananas. Soyez patient(e), s'il vous plait.


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