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IMPORTANT: PM me or send me a review anytime and I'll always make sure to reply back. Doesn't matter whether it's to make a suggestion, submit a writing prompt or story idea, give/ask tips or advice, ask questions, or just to talk and exchange social correspondence. If you're not afraid of talking or socializing, then message me whenever you like.

Also, as to reviews, I only accept constructive criticism, suggestions/ideas/advice/tips/prompts, and encouragement. Flames, trolling, and destructive criticism will either all be ignored or blocked.


3/17/18 - I will be writing less from now on because I'm planning on writing a book series. I'll be still be writing occasionally on here and it's not to say that I'll stop posting stories/poems on here, but I just won't be on here as often (not that I am, to begin with). But when I'm done with the book, I might post it on here to advertise it and see what you guys think of it (it wouldn't be the final draft, however). Thanks for understanding.

1/24/19 - Today is my one-year anniversary on FictionPress as a member. I hope that this next year will be even more productive. Thank you all for your support and love.

11/01/20 - I'm going to be on a hiatus as my drive to do any original stuff has dwindled. Don't know when I'll get back to writing, but I'll probably do it eventually when I can. Probably sporadically. But I'm still available to reply to reviews or PMs if you guys send them. u

About Me:

Hey, my name is Sunshine Boy, my pen name is C.R. Kennedy. I'm 24-years-old and I'm both a poet and a writer. I've been cultivating my love for writing since I was 15. I am only just now beginning to improve my talent and show my works to the world.

I am a Messianic Christian and I believe that Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua in Aramaic, YaHoshuah in Hebrew, and Joshua in English) is our One and Only Savior Who died on the cross to save us from our sins and from eternal death. And that we're saved through faith, and proving our faith through Spirit-led actions to tend to the poor, show compassion to the widows and orphans, and showing love and mercy to the lost, and that the WHOLE BIBLE is God-breathed and applicable to our everyday lives - which, in turn, produces the Fruit of the Spirit.

Goals of my Poems and Stories: The ideals and focus of my poems and stories will be family-friendly, kid-safe, with Christian values and morals, and important lessons that we can all learn. I will be writing not only for my benefit but in order to bless others with my gift. Some stories that I will be writing will be for teens and older adults, but they will not contain any mature content (as it's not allowed on this site) but will have violence and mentions/minor-scenes of various scenes that won't be kid-friendly - particularly in the historical department.

Any romances I will do will be put in the slow-cooker (slow-burn) and will be realistic and beautiful and appropriate and honorable for all ages. I WILL NOT write any sexual content of any kind. We have enough of that as it is! I believe that characters should have their privacy and should be allowed to be intimate behind closed doors without having a bunch of "Peeping Toms" poking their noses and eyes in where they don't belong.

And to all you parents out there, all my language on here will be K. You won't see me write any profanity, cuss words, slurs, rude or cruel jokes, or sexual lingo of any kind. My content will be for the sole purpose of teaching, learning, growing, and entertaining. And also for stroking your sentimental side.

I would also appreciate it if you don't plagiarize anything under my name. As I work hard on my projects and I hope to publish them someday. I'd be so hurt if people steal my hard work to further their own benefits. Also, it's against the law . . . soooo . . . there's that.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you enjoy reading my hard work.

Jehovah Bless

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