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My favorite songs.

Why would you leave us? Why would you leave us?

How could you leave us here?
How could you leave us? Why would you leave us?
Oh, hey


Sometimes I think about like—
Sometimes I think about things like, you know, when I'd have kids and like
You won't be there, you know? You won't be there for any of that.
I'll never get to see you again.

- How Could You Leave Us - NF

We used to talk like best friends
I remember that I guess I don't know what happened to us
Now you got me questionin' what trust is
You told me you would be there for me
Yeah, but you ain't really mean it did ya
Now you wanna jump ship
Leave me here alone
Well, I'm used to it
Everybody else did
Who you havin' fun with
Don't tell me I don't wanna know every time I ask I just feel sick
You're the one that jumped in
Told me you had feelin's
Now you tryin' to tell me that is not true
I ain't gotta clue
Who I'm lookin' at right now, but I know the person that I'm lookin' at is not you

- I Just Wanna Know - NF

So... I'm going to post some poems that I wrote here... Tell me what you think? Check out my FanFiction account, same user ID!!

I'm on Wattpad!!

"No, no... That sounds too excited, almost stalker-like..."

Hey!! I just moved to Wattpad!

"No, now it seems like I'm leaving FictionPress..."

Hey guys, I branched off to Wattpad bc of your suggestions on FanFiction, but I will stay on here for a teensy bit longer!! I have the same username, "WhenPigsFly2018" and my story on there is called, "Where Am I?". Hope you like!!!

"There, much better."

M'kay, byyyzzzzzz

~ A.


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