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I am a writer of many hats. If you have a request, PM me!

My favorite genres to write are fantasy (of all sorts, including high fantasy, casual fantasy, modern fantasy, and fairy tale retellings), sci-fi (usually comedy sci fi, space westerns, and/or space opera), and various combinations thereof. I also write a LOT of mythopoeia and am a big mythopoeia enthusiast! Mythopoeia is a genre that involves artificial myths; in my case, I have several stories involving different systems of gods and goddesses. I also write fanfiction.

Find me on FanFiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6918711/

Find me on Wattpad: https:///user/RabidFlyingSquirrel

Find me on Allpoetry: https:///Kobamelon

Here are some of my current projects! If you find any of them intriguing, please feel free to PM me for more info.

FEAR OF FIRE: a fantasy/sci-fi story set millennia in the future, where all humans are born with an innate magical power. Except for Blair. And not only is she magically null, by some freak of nature; she is also powerless to fight the bigotry and hatred her peers fix upon her mixed-race friends. But as she begins to unravel the mystery of why she has no magic, she uncovers dark, deadly secrets within herself, secrets that could end the lives of everyone she loves if they were to escape.

THE CRIMSON PROPHET: a sci-fi/space western story set in a lawless empire where houses of corrupt nobles engage in bloody political disputes, crime syndicates run the economy, and the common man resorts to whatever atrocities necessary to put food on his table. One such common man, an alcoholic pirate with interpersonal issues and the curse of prophecy, finds himself dragged into life-or-death situations by a womanizing, but competent sniper he hired to assist him on a job, a runaway slave girl who stowed away on his ship, a cyborg smuggling government secrets who is threatening him into compliance, and three veterans paying him for safe passage away from the prison they just broke out of.

AGENTS OF CHAOS: an episodic sci-fi/buddy cop/adventure/satirical comedy involving a secretive agency that exists outside the confines of space and time, protecting Earth from supernatural and extraterrestrial threats including the gods of old, countless alien governments, a thousand different doomsdays, a raccoon crime syndicate, time travel paradoxes, accidental immortality, sentient skeletons, flying pigs, and zombie viruses. The story chronicles the chaotic misadventures of the Agency's two top agents, both of which make for very unreliable narrators. Bella is an unstable, paranoid, hyper-intelligent astrophysics-student-turned-conspiracy-theorist armed with a shotgun and too many government secrets. Tristan is a psychotic, immortal, self-serving ex-alien-princess with a gift for science and a penchant for mayhem. Together, they teeter on the line between utter dysfunction/cosmic, cataclysmic disaster and cohesive teamwork/intergalactic peace and stability. (A collaboration with SimplyImmortal.)

REMEMBER JUPITER: a fantasy/sci-fi story split between two worlds: Alice's waking life and her dreams. There are some things in life you think you know. Your dreams aren't real. Your brother is dead. You are ordinary. You are safe. But what if you're wrong? What if entire other dimensions exist, and you suddenly discover that you have the power to access them? And what if that puts you in a danger far more severe than you've ever faced?

WINTER'S COLD: a fantasy/mythopoeia story set in the humble city of the gods. Adelaide, the frivolous goddess of love, is assaulted with horrific and vivid visions of her ex-boyfriend Khione, the god of winter, in which he unleashes a power so ancient and evil, not even the gods would be able to survive it. With each vision, Adelaide's terror grows and her sanity wanes, but what can she do against a threat that doesn't even exist yet, especially when none of the other gods will take her seriously? How can something as useless as love prevent the end of all things? These are questions she must race against the clock to answer. Her time is running out, and winter is coming.

THE KING OF STORIES: a fantasy/mythopoeia story set in the kingdom of the deities known as the royals, a kingdom founded upon secrets, lies, unspoken threats, and unasked questions. A kingdom where heaven has become worse than hell, the Queen of Life has died, the Queen of Love has been imprisoned for infidelity, and the High King's two youngest heirs have disappeared in an incident that no one dares to talk about. Marlow, the newly crowned King of Stories, intends to uncover every hidden truth, even if it brings the kingdom crumbling down. With a little help from the King of Time and Fate, he embarks on an adventure back through time to experience history as it happens, to uncover the truth that will set his people free. (A collaboration with VenomParty.)

THE LITTLE MERMAN: a fantasy/fairy tale retelling about an irresponsible merprince who makes a foolish deal to escape an arranged marriage, thrusting himself into a foreign world with an even more dangerous secret than his own. He has three days to win a bet: the mentally unwell princess guesses his name, or he loses his newly acquired immortal soul. And the princess may have even less time than that, judging by the fact that someone has been attempting to murder her.

THE TWELFTH JEWEL: a high fantasy story set in a world running out of hope. A young dragonrider imbued with a cataclysmically destructive power runs for his life from every manner of evil creature seeking to harness that power. Seeking the answers that will save his life, he must undertake a long and difficult journey to find the Guardians, a mystical order of angelic beings who have protected his world since the dawn of time. Little does he know, the stakes of his quest extend beyond what he can imagine; it is not just his life that needs to be saved, but the world.

CLEAR: a sci-fi story set in a universe dominated by an unseen oppressor. A soldier fighting in a war against the sentient AI threat known as CLEAR is ripped from his own universe into a reality where all human resistance has been neutralized. Stranded in this dark, alternate timeline, he finds himself a guinea pig to a heartless scientist and a slave to a master who never shows his face. Things only grow more complicated as someone else kidnapped from his universe is tossed into his cell: a teen prodigy whose mind may hold the answer to their freedom. But she is gravely ill. And the master that holds them is ever vigilant, even if he is nowhere to be seen. One wrong word could mean death, and one wrong move could condemn every universe--including their own--to the nightmare they are desperate to escape.

GREY EYES: a fantasy story set in a world that shuns those with grey eyes based on the superstition that they can communicate with the dead. One such grey-eyed outcast stumbles upon an ancient artifact that ironically proves them right, awakening an ancient spirit with unfinished business and unintentionally binding their souls together. Desperate to have his mind and body to himself again, Mortegai must learn to cooperate with the ghost semi-possessing him as they embark on a quest for separation.

THE GIRL WHO BECAME TIME: a sci-fi story about a sensible, logical teen boy who finds himself sucked into the life of a time-traveling, benevolent amnesiac who spends her days repairing faults in the timeline and narrowly avoiding cosmic disaster.

BEHOLD THE SUN: a fantasy story set in the kingdom of Merridian, where, whenever a king is newly crowned, two maidens fight to the death for his hand in marriage. One maiden is chosen to represent the warmth and brightness of the sun, while the other is chosen to represent the dark intrigue of the moon. The newly chosen moon, Kamaria, exudes a dangerous beauty and grace, a political edge that may award her a very real advantage in battle. Additionally, rumors are swirling that she may be wielding forbidden magic and knowledge of the occult, which could certainly give her the upper hand. Nevertheless, I will be the one to walk away from the colosseum alive, even if it means marrying a man I find vile. For I am Idalia Orane, the burning sun, and I will not be smothered out.

VILLIANS SUPREME: an episodic, modern mythopoeia story/workplace comedy about a trio of villainous gods: Oswin, goddess of death and decay, Ryan, goddess of the underworld, and Zero, god of chaos. The trio are not only responsible for their respective godly duties; they are also each assigned a human prophet whom they must spiritually guide through the woes of young adulthood. Between mounds of paperwork, a stalker prophet, a love triangle involving a reincarnated angel, a terrible HR agent, an affair with the enemy, an antagonizing trio of hero gods, and far too many chaotic antics to list, the three must balance interpersonal drama, demanding jobs, and the complicated lives of their human charges. (A collaboration with Tzipporah and SimplyImmortal.)

I also write fanfiction. Right now, I'm working on a creepypasta fic, a star wars fic, and a phoenix wright fic.

ANGELIC INSANITY: a creepypasta/SCP fic following Alida West, a girl hiding strange, murderous thoughts in her head and large, blue wings under her shirt. All this is fine and well (if inconvenient), until people start getting hurt and secrets come tumbling out. Everything starts to blow up in Alida's face, until some mysterious strangers come into her life and change EVERYTHING-from her memories, to her morals, to her heart. However, her fight is far from over. She must keep herself and her friends- which ones didn't betray her, anyways- alive and free from the SCP foundation, which ruthlessly hunts unnatural beings and places them in captivity. And above all else, she must either overcome or accept her pending insanity.

TANGLED FATES: a Star Wars fic set during the time of the sequel trilogy, but in an alternate universe in which after the events of RotJ, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa established a new Jedi Order and Republic; now, they are at war with the First Order led by Supreme Leader Snoke and a new order of Sith led by Palpatine's twin sons--Rey's uncles. Arya, a Jedi Knight with radical views, is sent to clean up the mess of impulsive Padawan Rey. By a twist of fate, she captures Kylo Ren, but things don't go as planned as she gets to know the man behind the mask. To make matters worse, the three of them are stranded in First Order space for the next several months, forced to lie low under the nose of their dangerous enemies. Of course, things can never actually be that easy.

A ROSE BY ANY NAME: an Ace Attorney fic set during the events of the original trilogy, but focusing on Miles Edgeworth and his interactions with defense attorney Koba Locklear. She finds his court demeanor to be offensive and unforgiving. He finds that the angrier she gets, the better an attorney she seems to be. The two are a match made in hell, but when Locklear's sister is kidnapped, Edgeworth is the only one who she can turn to for help. Koba knows Miles Edgeworth as the Demon Prosecutor, and he knows Koba Locklear as the Legislacerator, but over the course of their working together, they may just learn to question what exactly is in a name.

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Agents of Chaos
Bella is an unstable, hyperintelligent, astrophysics-student-turned-conspiracy-theorist armed with a shotgun and too many government secrets. Tristan is a psychotic, immortal, self-serving ex-alien-princess with a gift for science. Together, they make a very chaotic duo within an agency that protects Earth from the extraterrestrial and supernatural. These are their misadventures.
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