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what is this

Ok so I'm not sure what the etiquette of FictionPress is compared to FanFiction so I'm just gonna treat this like and update whenever I get inspired rather than trying to force myself to a deadline, ya know?

I have no confidence in my ability to tell stories, so please feel free to give your critiques and criticisms. Be harsh. I want to learn and get better and that's not gonna happen for me if you try to be nice lol.

Warning: I don't like capitalizing words so when i'm talking casually, i'll just type like this, but when I'm narrating/writing I'll write properly. (As best I can.)

i primarily write fantasy stories that pretend to be scifi. hope y'all are fine with low-fantasy on here.

currently working on: planning to work on one day:

Dream of Awakening: 2 books (hopefully will be readable in any order but we'll see) [Story is planned but writing is hard]

  1. Silver (A girl steps through a hole in space and ends up making a bet with a stranger that forces them to become friends.)
  2. Venture (A boy steps through a hole in space and meets a stranger who is looking for her sister.)

What is Human? (title not final) (a girl living in a country overrun with dinosaurs loses her mother and sets out to find and stop the source of the dinosaurs) [story is planned but i need to fix the characters. also pacing]

Runaways (about three boys who are all running from something. their past, their memories, their responsibilities.) [two of them are mostly planned, one not at all]

untitled dystopian story (different people fighting, some for power, some for revenge, and others to protect the ones they care about) [overall story is planned but specifics still need to be decided]

ideas that might not make it into fully fledged stories:

Angel's Reach (uhhh it's about someone who escapes from a human experimentation facility (called angel's reach) and her adventures outside of it?) [no real story]

untitled mystery (about two kids who are kidnapped by the girl's mom and taken to another world) [i have a history for this world but not any actual story content]

Dragonhearted (not about dragons; this one i might make into a vn i'm still not sure, but would take place in the same timeframe/planetary system as dream of awakening) [no story, characters i think are fine though]

untitled dragon story (actually about dragons; a dragon hunter's family is being held hostage by a dragon so she has to free them) [a string of ideas linked to each other that i need to sort out and also figure out how social media works because for once cell phones might ruin things in the story ahaha]

status: inactive

as you can see i have way too many ideas and nothing concrete so i'll just keep focusing my time over on FF (same username if you're curious) working on a request and tiring myself out because of it

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