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Hello there, Kurono Kuro here!

I'm a college student. I am a big fan of Anime, Manga, and Web/Light Novels (by WN and LN, I mean only the ones from Japan though). Because of these influences, it cannot be helped that my works will contain anime-like parts. And because of it again, I am able to draw the covers for my stories.

I really like genres Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Comedy, Supernatural and Action. A little romance and drama is good too. Well, anyway, I'll read stories that interests me.

When I review, I try to point out the mistakes and errors not to discourage the author but to help their writing. Although most are opinions, please bear with them.

When reviewing my story, I hope you go all-out and say whatever that came into your mind. I can probably take 92% of the criticisms. And even if your criticism is within the 8%, don't worry I am confident with my recovery skills.

Anyway, here's a poem-like thing. It is just some random stuff so don't mind it too much.

We will survive this world.
I am searching.
The moon is our destination.
I am sprinting.
Change will surely come.
They are dying.

This can be enjoyable.
Why am I suffering?
We will always be together.
Are you there waiting?
It will cause my death.
The Black is hinting.

Well, that's it. I hope my stories can be enjoyable, and thanks for reading.

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The Rain, the Umbrella, the Rainbow reviews
In a one normal rainy afternoon as Amemiya was about to go home, he found his crush, Nijima Koharu alone, waiting for the rain to pass. He was unsure if he should offer to share his umbrella or just outright give it to her, but when their eyes met, his mind went blank. "I-if you don't mind, w-we can share this umbrella."
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Finding Purpose in a New World (On Hiatus) reviews
Kurogami Aki had lost purpose in his life and caused him to voluntarily die by colliding with a truck. He was transferred like he was hoping and there, he would find his purpose once again. However, the things that he left behind in the original world-his past still haunts him. This will follow his adventure, his battles, his suffering, and the purpose which lies beyond them.
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