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Hiya! My name is Grace (if you haven't worked that out yet!) and I love writing. And reading! I have a fanfiction account (riverdalefanatic) if you want to check that out. I have written a fic on Riverdale (duh), Narnia, 5th Wave, Arrow, and Good Girls.

Anyway, did I mention I love writing? I am not professional in any way shape or form, but I like to think I get better the more I write. I have one plot thing I like to add in all my stories and I'll explain it to you in a sec. If you have read any of my stories, you will notice I tend to somehow add this into all of them. Anyway, here it is:

So first I like to make the main female character have an older brother or good guy friend (friend, not boyfriend). Then when she and the main male character are in the stage of almost dating or dating, I like to make the female's friend/brother swoop in and check in on his younger sister/friend and make it look like she and he are together - if that makes any sense. Then the male character will think that she's with someone else and jealousy and whatnot, but then he somehow finds out that the other guy was just a friend/brother and that he's got nothing to worry about.

I seriously do not know why I like this plot point so much, I just do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm really close to my older brother and I imagine that scenario happening to me - I don't know.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. If you want to know anything other than what's below, please PM me!

~Where I was born: Santa Cruz, California

~Where I live now: Queensland, Australia

~Where else have I travelled: Kentucky, Ohio, Arizona, New South Wales, Victoria, Vanuatu

~Religion: Proud Christian

~Age: 14

~Favourite season: Autumn (Fall) - because it's cold enough to bundel up, but not to freezing (also it's my birthday season!)

~Favourite colour: Aqua/Turquoise/Purple

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