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My real name, at least as far as i'm willing to share is D.S.Wilson but i'll be writing here under the name Ben Friday. Ben Friday is a character I created for a book I've been working on for around three years. the book entitled From the Blog of Ben Friday is an anthology which follows the titular Ben Friday as he recounts his early adventures in the form of a blog the entries of which he later collects into a book.

Ben is a wise cracking amateur magician living in modern day Muncie Indiana a weird, dirty, little town which I have some real world experience with. actually a lot of my real life experiences are reflected in the pages of the book from my moving out of my dads place and into a crowded trailer when I was seventeen, to my various adventures working in retail, and my experiences with poverty and mental illness. the later stories also reflect my real world interest in magic. Ben is thirty and narrates the story from the year 2020 but the stories he's recounting take place during different times in his life, mostly between 2009 and 2013. in these twisted tails Ben travels to Hell itself, banishes ghosts and battles outsiders, deals with zombies and acid trips, all while trying to keep himself and his friends alive and sane. he doesn't always succeed.

Like Ben I was raised in a conservative christian home on conservative christian values. I lost my faith years back but gained a new on partly do to working on this book. after polishing off the first story That One Time in Hell I decided I wanted the magic in the book to seem more real. To that end I started studying real world occult practices. I started ready Crowley, Levay , and eventually Gardner. this is what led me to become a real life pagan and eventually a practicing Wiccan. this is also why the magic in the later stories seems a lot more grounded. it's based on real world traditions.

I plan to eventually go back and rework the spells in the early stories save for the first use of magic in That One Time in Hell. for now however ill be posting these early stories in their original format, going back only to edit for spelling and grammar, two areas where i am as you've probably notice a bit week. on that note I do ask that you please forgive some small mistakes in spelling and grammar i'm bound to make. the truth is while I am working hard to improve and i plan to higher a professional editor before i ever try to publish the complete work I don't have a great foundation to build from. my education growing up involved a one room, mix grade, private christian school in the middle of a forest. as a result just about every meaningful thing I've learned I've had to teach myself.

All that being said I hope you enjoy my weird little stories about the magical misfit Ben Friday.

From The Blog of Ben Friday: That One Time in Hell
In this entry from the blog of Ben Friday things go horribly wrong for the titular amateur magician who after a failed attempt at teleportation finds himself being led on an infernal Odyssey across Hell itself. he'll meet strange monsters, tour the city of Dis, and even have a fireside chat with the big bad himself. mind you in Hell all chats are fire side chats.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Humor/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,844 - Updated: 8/4 - Published: 7/29 - Complete