The Real Floranocturna
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About me:

I live in the forest with the elves, but you can also find me as Floranocturna on AO3 and Wattpad and as The Real Floranocturna on Fanfiction.Net.

I drink tea and write things.

Tolkien, Potterhead, cosplay, photography.

I'm a working mum with a bunch of kids, my husband by my side, as well as 2 dogs and 3 cats.

My stories revolve around elves and I especially love exploring the dynamics between those immortal beings and humans. My first fantasy novel The Enchanted Spring is now also available on Fictionpress!

My Works:

The Enchanted Spring:


The realm of the elves is kept safe by a powerful enchantment. Every 40 years it must be renewed through a cruel sacrifice. When Andor, an elf both young and ruthless, is chosen for this mission, he is eager to prove his worth.

Rose, a 22-year old human, has lived with a shadow for as long as she can remember. A shadow she is about to unveil once and for all. But then things go terribly wrong and her life is ended before it has begun.

Rumours of a dark secret arise, stirring awake a wicked foe. The truth is not what it seems as Andor uncovers a web of lies where he had least expected it. Loyalties are questioned and friendships tested. But the evil runs deep and it will take more than bravery to overcome this ancient threat. Andor’s life changes forever and he must face his worst fears to protect what he loves the most.

This is a tale of magical forests, the elves that live within them and the humans that venture too far for their own good.

About this story: this is my slightly darker twist on the elves, ever alluring as they are elusive. Tolkien is my hero in many ways, but this story is not based on the elves of Middle-earth, but rather the way these magical creatures are perceived in folk tales and legends, more dangerous and less wise, to say it again in Tolkien's words. It revolves around the tension between elves and humans, but also the eternal forces of love and hate, the desire for power and revenge.