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My name is Dawn Darkness. I'm a writer interested in fantasy. I have decided to use this site to hopefully gain a following for my stories in their English versions rather than their original versions (Danish). My goal is to be writing as consistent as Brandon Sanderson, which has been a dream of mine since discovering that he had published over 30 books.

My own goal is to publish as many as he has, albeit in different time periods, of course. As of now, I'm writing an epic fantasy series of five trilogies, with the first trilogy in the works at the moment.

Fourteen more stories are already planned to be posted here. I'll be posting some other type of works as well, my Animal Fantasy books and other works. If you're interested in reading them, please give a watch of this profile in the future.

I hope you all will enjoy my works. If you consider in liking what I write, do give me feedback on how you thought about them, thanks. I'd love to have some constructive feedback on my writings before I send in my manuscripts to a publisher in my country for being judged whether it's to be published or not.

I hope you enjoy your stay here as well.

Have a Good Day!


Soulborn: First Era: Ten books planned of the epic fantasy series.

Reincarnated as a Fox: A fourteen planned book series with RPG elements in the story.

Inheritance: A ten book epic fantasy series with some shorter novellas between the installments.

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Ch616 up now! Yumi's conquered her mental battle with her personalities coming out stronger than before as well as her friends. They're going to need all that new found strength to face the next threat, the shadows that surround Chiharu. If you review I'll return the favor. I'm going to be re-posting a revised version of this on Royal Road.
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Book 6 in the "Lost Clans" series. The lone representative of a clan thought to be extinct starts looking for answers to his many questions; the island's most popular vet is horrified to find he has competition from the Beast-Minder clan; Rogan assists the Spice-Growers; and Christian and Leslie try to help out everyone - including her father.
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With the Daragon war over, Jay Xanfall is left attempting to stabilize the world of Skylia while searching for the long-lost Skylian Mage Hanilia group. Meanwhile, the leader of the Clan Leaders chases the missing Silver Knight, hoping to reunite with his sister at long last. Salvation will only be found through a mystic heir.
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"The light would never work with the dark. The existence of one brings pain to the other." The world is torn in two between two clashing sides. All must choose a side. The light, righteous beings of hope trying to destroy the devils that walk the land. The dark, barbaric monsters trying to bring the land into chaos. The answer seems clear, but is it as simple as it seems?
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Of Man and Gods - Legacy of the Alliance by SuperGreG
Book Three continues as those remaining few awaken to a world very unlike what they'd left behind. Though the world has long since moved on without them, other legacies of the old Alliance worlds remain as potential threat to the future ahead as destinies eventually converge and collide.
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After the fall of the Possession Master, the Second Camaraderie is expecting peace. However, an unexpected assassination throws them into danger once again. A quintet called the Alight Five is out for blood, and none can say how far they are willing to go to reach their goals. The adventure continues as the group reaches for a future past the wall of impassible flames...
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Members of the Guardian Corps work tirelessly to protect the people of Spire from the threat of monsters as well as enemy states and terrorist cells. After his home is attacked, Caspar follows in his dad's footsteps to join the Corps. He'll meet friends and rivals and endure harsh training, but Caspar's will to help and protect others will guide him through.
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A tale of magic and swords, of dreams and ideals. Kel fon Grantz and Cross Steinbacht form the epicenter of these chronicles, and their very existences will determine the path the world before them takes. Told in dual narrative, the adventures of these two heroes will reveal allies, foes, and great challenges while challenging the very concept of fate itself.
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The Dream Walkers by SusinaSkye reviews
Book 5 in the Lost Clans series. After a loss, Leslie finds herself mired in her old nightmare, which defies all attempts at treatment; meantime, a young woman on the run meets a man with an explosive secret. When a narcissistic business tycoon insinuates himself into their lives, Christian, Leslie, her father, and the two young fugitives have to band together to outwit him.
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On an otherwise normal day, Jayler Rose found himself on the other side of a portal created by magic. He woke up in another galaxy alongside five others with only one way of getting home. He must free the war-torn realm of Daragon from the invasion force plaguing it before returning to Earth, though that's much easier said than done in a world of magic, dragons, and danger.
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In the Star Filled Sky - Book 1 - Sovereignty by Andrew Hallgarth reviews
The Vesta star system, home to the two colony worlds of Atrium and Bharata, stands vigil on the edge of colonised space. Neglected by the Earth Planetary Union, since the war with the alien Empire known as the Pavorans fifteen years earlier, its defences have become obsolete. When a new threat appears, one that is far more powerful than anything the Union has ever faced before.
Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Drama - Chapters: 25 - Words: 95,329 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 4/28/2019 - Published: 4/3/2019 - Complete
The Time Guardians by SusinaSkye reviews
Book 4 in the "Lost Clans" series. Lilla Jordsö's Princess Anna-Laura, working on a new historical book, pulls Christian and Leslie with her into the world of her country's past, with the help of Leslie's father and a reluctant member of the Time-Keepers clan. At the same time, Leslie explores her newfound heritage as a member of the Future-Seers clan.
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Book One begins as civilisations of distant worlds contact others for the very time in their history. Some react quite well. Others, perhaps less so. Empires rise and grind against each other. The passage of time reveals whether the tenuous bonds of emerging alliance can hold those alien civilisations together and what legacies they might leave behind in their wake.
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Book 3 in "The Lost Clans" series ... A mermaid, having discovered the true origins of her kind, gets the word out to key clan people - but then the pursuit of the kidnapper of Christian and members of his clan takes an unexpected turn, causing the clans to face an even greater threat.
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Welcome to a world where nothing is certain, where monsters roam the earth and magic hangs heavy in the air. This world has it all, from giant monsters, evil sorcerers (nice ones too), tribes of dragons, and cities where "technology" rules over magic. Sira is just another person among many, but her life will be far from normal. A single choice can lead to serious consequences...
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Book 1 in the "Lost Clans" series. Two princes get the shock of their lives upon learning they belong to a clan long thought to be extinct and possess a power that has the potential to destroy them. But they deal with the discovery in very different ways, and in the end only family can bring them back.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Supernatural - Chapters: 29 - Words: 343,788 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 12/6/2016 - Published: 11/6/2015 - Complete