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Update: I'm into Samurai Jack and Spiderman now. :P Somehow Spiderman is just better than any of Stan Lee's other Marvel creations even the X-men. Samurai Jack is a beautiful stylized cartoon and Jack is such a cutie! ^_^
Hi-o, I'm a huge Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) fan, both Evolution and the comics. I'm not really a ficcy writer, I'm an artist, but I can write good stories, so I've been told. Anyhow, stop by my site for all my spiffy fanwork on Kurt and the rest, you won't be disappointed!:) And now with Kurnda (Kurt/Amanda) fics!(InterNutter's term-thanks!) I don't only like Kurt, Eric (Magneto), Pietro (Quicksilver), Forge, Lance (Avalanche), Nathan Summers (Cable), Bishop, Peter Parker (Spiderman), Logan (Wolverine), and Remy (Gambit) are some of my fave male characters. Kurt, Remy, Pietro, and Peter are the super hotties in this set. I don't care much for Scott or Jean, but they are okie. I am especially against Captain (Britian) Brian from Excalibur, UGH! He's worse than Scott, he makes me sick, it's his fault for Meggan going to Kurt. What does the bum do? Go and break the poor fuzzy elf's leg! And Kurt already has Amanda and Cerise. :P Brian's a beast, everyone should hate that big idiot, he's so stupid he can't lead his own team! Kurt makes a better leader anyways, since he actually has a brain.:P I also like the following animes/movies: RG Utena, CCSakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, NiGHTS into Dreams, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Chrono Trigger. All hail Prince Janus/Magus and Prince Vegeta! Best eps to watch in the 90's Original X-Men cartoon series are Eps#44 Nightcrawler and #70 Bloodlines-Graydon Creed (half bro of Kurt/Sabertooth & Mystique's non mutant son)has to prove to the FOH he's human by getting rid of his mutant relatives Mystique and Kurt! Updates would ne I'm into Kurnda and a tad for Kurtty, even though it'll never happen. Anyways, enjoy my fanworks and thanks for visiting!:)