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Hi! As you probably can tell my name is Mark Gesei. So, yeah. I got bored in my own dimension and traveled to yours! Only to discover that, uh, only Earth has lifeforms here... I can get use to that.

Sooo, yeah. I'm just your normal telekinesis dude. Great now I sound like Sam... Know what? Just read my story. It'll explain things better than me.

Down at the bottom is the original summary for my story.

Mark Gesei

Hi! As you probably can tell, my name is Skyla Talon!I have left my galaxy to visit yours and well, decided to share my story. I really hope you all like it and that you will, I don't know...leave reviews? I would really appreciate that!

Can't think much on what to say. I still have my duties to do, so I won't update super frequently. Read and Enjoy!


So..hi there. My name is Hailey Moore. Uh...if you read my story, you probably realize that I am the one that most likely brought the others to this dimension...cause I, uh, did. Only when they asked me too of course. Um...yeah. Nothing super special about me, just your average girl with a magical necklace that is being hunted down by all kinds of villains... whoopee doo da. If you pay attention to my story, and possibly the others... you will discover that I travel through the different dimensions a lot... which makes sense since it's my job... um yeah. Please read and enjoy and leave a review or two...

Hailey Moore

Hi...So yeah... the way my mind works... everything is first point of view or third person but limited by what the main character knows and Yadda yadda. So the majority of my stories that are in First Person Point of View will have By insert name here in the title. Above you will find the little introductions the main characters in my stories will give under the impression that they are real people (which we know they aren't) and that they are telling us these stories while thinking back on it. Since they have to 'travel' from their different dimensions and galaxies. Thus my name of Traveling Authors. I might, when I finish Heroes From the Dust, start another book in that same dimension, only in Mari's viewpoint. I might make a series of it, if I do, the series will be called Settling Dust, and each book will be a different teammates POV.

I also really like reviews and would appreciate it a lot if you all would review my stories. Don't get confused by the different Author names that the titles will have. That is just me letting you know whose viewpoint you will be reading in. Any questions about anything that is confusing you, please send me a PM. If I'm not working on these stories, I will be working on my fanfictions over at unless something comes up in my life. Mainly Family Vacations.

Settling Dust Series:

Book One: Heroes from the Dust:Superpowers. Everyone wants one. Maybe they even want to be on a team of heroes. That's nice. Except it's not all cracked up to be that amazing. I should know. I am one. My name is Markolo Gesei, and I have a secret that can either save or destroy all of Kingtolio. Reason why I have to be careful with my teammates,if they found out.. I don't know what will happen.




Final Book (Not sure how many there will be total yet...): Dust to the Past: The Dust Crew, while clearing out the school's attic, finds evidence that they had used a time machine to go back in time to when their mentors were their age. With the Twins help, they get old of the Time Machine that they confiscated a few years earlier, and set it to go back to the time that Mentor and Zap Rod were fresh out of school. The purpose for going back in time? Make sure that Insider infiltrates the Villain League with no one the wiser. Easier said than done with these friends.

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Heroes From the Dust By Mark Gesei reviews
Mark has a deep darkish secret. One that would destroy the world if it gets out. Of course the best way to keep people from finding out is to fake amnesia and attend a school for superheroes. Maybe even join a team...protect all of Kingtolio from the different Leagues of Villains. Oh yes, that makes total sense!
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Princess of the Wild By Skyla Talon
Sky is a teen elf growing up under the rule of Emperor Griffith. What she doesn't need while she is discovering who she is for herself, is to be told about a little thing called her past that she didn't know about. Frustrated, she may or may not of acted out and now she has to clean up her mess. Maybe she isn't the one for the job after all... has sci-fi references.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 8 - Words: 12,012 - Updated: 9/5 - Published: 1/26/2019
The Gateway Keeper: Rise of the Artist By Hailey Moore
When a magical pendant gets lost, a young orphan girl stumbles upon it by accident. Now she has the power... to save dimensions that last she checked shouldn't even exist. D#101 is known for well, being oblivious about the others after all. Only with the last Gateway Keeper dead, she has to figure everything out all by herself. Maybe making new friends is in order? Hiatus
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