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who am i?

Hello, my name is the storm knight, I'm a 18 years old, I have a big imagination, i day dream all the time when i was a little kid, and I still do now, but the reason why the heck I'm here is because of Riolover95, I know what your thinking, why the flipping flip would this moron ( me ) get inspired into this media, well last year when I was curious about who's Blu parents were, I ran into his version, this was my first fanfiction, and that really inspired me, I read several others, but they weren't as good, but I'm not just gonna redo the same product, in fact I made my own product, it's called The chronicles of the Universal knights, it is a series of misfit heroes that had they're parents and homes taken away from them, each character has a unique backstory and interest, it's not just a original product, it's also a crossover series, Universal knights crossover familiar and popular characters throughout movies, books, games, etc. and the only reason why I'm basically in here because the government Would sue my butt if I turn this into a film series for copyright, and don't take me stealing your ideas, I'll actually give you credit, and I'm bad at naming things, anyway I won't spoil the series, but I will give you guys a backstory before i give you the actual story because I'm on the 2nd one in the series, I hope you guys will enjoy it, it's a series of faith, love, friendship, salvation, daring heroes, devious villains, epic showdowns, time of laughter, and so much more. sadly i cant post stories on this website in particular cause of reasons, but you can see them on wattpad and later on FictionPress, in fact you can read them right now

The chronicles of the Universal knights

Have you ever wondered that there are more then one universe then our own, or have a feeling that somone out there is watching us, well this is that story, for me the Universal knight series is a fresh take, it has the inspirtation of kingdom hearts, Power rangers, and what i believe in into one adventure series, it's thrilling how i see a hero swoop in and save the day, and willing to do whatever it takes to save a person's life, a classic heroes vs villains kind of take, i put into a lot thought for the characters, potray them if it was like real life, you know there are happy moments, sad moments, and really tense moments that can make it feel like we are there ourselves, but this isn't just your average try hard adventure trilogy, it's also a crossover series as i mentioned above, the one thing i always day dream about when i was a kid is about hanging out with your favorite cartoon characters, now we can have that now with this story, it may not be much at first, but as we progress it will get bigger and bigger and continue on, seeing our favorite characters teaming up with our heroes, now lets get you introduced to the heroes


Codename: Storm knight

real name: Isaiah lozano

Race: Human( Hispanic-Caucasian American )

Age: 12(SM) 15(KOLE)

Appearance: Isaiah wears a blue jacket with a hood attach to it with a blue cross symbol on the back, he wears black leather gloves due to him not able to control his powers yet, he also wears blue jeans with leather shoes, he has short dark brown hair combed to the right side and has blue eyes due to his powers, after being baptized he appears to be much older, he has a longer hair in front, with a cross symbol with wings coming out of it on the back of his jacket

Powers/weapons/skills: Isaiah wields a sword that he can channel lightning through the blade, he can fire out lightning projectiles through his blade, it can also slice through various objects and enemies, he can also channel his powers to enhance his body to an extend of super human speed and agility, after being baptized, he received an all powerful sword known as the Stormblade, he can now cut through anything, channel powerful lightning attacks, and can last longer without overcharging, he can change into various forms (Glass form, Etc)

Personality: Isaiah is a kind and caring person, always wanting to help his friends in their time of need,he's also outgoing and very social when it comes to others, he's also forgiving when someone wrongs him, he can be reckless and naive, often risking his life so others can live, he doesn't like talking about things that are sensitive towards him or his friends, he can be easily angered if his friends are being threatened or hurt, But Isaiah does have a joking side, often making stupid puns and jokes, after being baptize he appears to be much older, he shows a lot more maturity and more calming

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