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Hi! I'm Jair. I'm 23. I write Harry Potter slash.
Fave pairings (more or less in this order...):


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Current news:

Most of my creative energy is currently being devoured by playing Justin on the Hogwarts Online RPG.

'To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles' - I'm trying to work on this, if I can ever stop being pestered by Percy/Oliver ficlets. Harry/Ron, and Percy/someone. I'm still juggling possibilities for this one.

'When Everything's Made to Be Broken' [Collaboration with Ben (ronweasley1029)]. And 'Whether You See It or Not' are kind of on hold, for now. Sorry.

Personal Note: Feeling terribly uninspired to write after finishing Meant to Be. Will write again sooner or later, though. *shrug*

'Don't let the muggles get you down!' = Ron Weasley

'No matter how dark the night is, morning always comes' = Lulu, Final Fantasy X

Tom: Stout?! He said 'stout'?! That's it. I'm going back to kill him...
Mike: No, no, no ya don't. You know, I really ought to put a child lock on the time machine...