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Im a role-playing lover and I can not wait to design some myself. Including writing books and programming games. Im very skillful (if thats a word), Im finish the Rubiks Cube in under 50 seconds and playing Diabolo (?). In addition, there are both acoustic and electric guitar, BASS (Davie504 is proud of me), piano and fluet. My stories almost always involve time travel. I like dealing with it and think about it. Or example, which rules and laws apply. So you can expect me to experiment with it in my stories. I am from germany btw and upload everything on the german website as well (in german ofc) and because I write german first my translater need some time ... so it will take longer for the english version. I am relatively tall (2.02m straight ... because I still bend over from surgery only 1.96m right now) which bothers me quite a bit. Unfortunately also lightweightet (really underweight with 57kg), which is also my faulty diet guilt, and ofc the hospital stay. I have long brown hair down to the middle of my back and the tip is still blue, but its getting blond again. (I think) gray-green eyes. My taste in music is also pretty weird. I actually hear everything from classical and orchestral music to pop and OSTs from movies/animes/games to hip-hop and rap (which I often do myself and freestyle very well by now). I do not smoke and only rarely drink (when I AM at any meetings or its a big moment). I do not like going out. At least not by myself and not alone. If I am asked or pulled out, I naggel ten minutes and then you go. On the other hand I do a lot at home (as you can see on the instruments above). I also do a lot of music and music editing, which I plan to upload to my YT channel soon. Im not social at all and Im pretty bad at interacting with people. I persuade my inner self (which, by the way, is called Avarice) and just throw me in the situation ... then it actually goes, but its always the persuading, where Avarice is a stubborn. I have a hard shell and a soft core (if anyeone cares ... Im a male living tsundere). My absolute top waifu is the virtuoso Sona from League of Legends, which is why my pdeudonym also has the surname Buvelle (because Sona is calles Sona Buvelle). Who is still here and reads ... here: "Congratulations, you are one of the few." Basically nobody really wants to have anything to do with me, if you want to convince me otherwise, go on. The rest is for my readers. I hope you count.


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-Im looking for someone with whom I can dive really deep into my main story ... if you want to, contact me! I can not take it from you unfortunately

Currently writing:

-Time for Valoran (on Fanfiction)

Planned to write:

-Second part of "Time for Valoran" (probably "pillars of Destiny" as title / then not League of Legends as fandom anymore / posted on FictionPress)
-Preparation for the third part of "Time for Valoran" (A Worldwatchers Life / A Worldwatchers Life: Watchers Redemption / posted on FictionPress)
-Third part of "Time for Valoran" (probably "A Worldwatchers Life: Time of Graduation as title / posted on FictionPress)


... a month: June
... a weekday: saturday
... a animal: Leopard
... a mythical creature: phoenix
... a number: 7
... a garment: gloves
... a gemstone: amethyst
... a liquid: blood
... something that doesnt exist: time slime
... a tree: lotus tree
... a weather: storm with lightning and natural disasters
... a color: purple pale blue with some yellow in it
... an element: light
... a word: Limit-Breaker
... a feeling: desperation
... a piece of furniture: chair
... a sport: dancing
... a body part: eye
... a facial expression: joy
... a job: time scientist
... a country: Japan
... a time of day: night
... a name: Mecis (Metsis spoken ... ts like in Tsundere)
... an instrument: all
... a season: summer
... a book type: fantasy/adventure/romance
... a direction: north or above
... a planet: Pluto (because he doesnt count as one anymore and he feels lonely)
... an ice cream: cookies
... a fairytale: Arthur and Excalibur
... a city: Tokyo
... a series: Lost
... a book: A song of Ice and Fire
... a manga: berserk
... an anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
... a comic: Deadpool
... a song: "RISE" by League of Legends/Riot

If you have any questions for me, just ask, Ill try to answer as soon as possible.

If you read all this through. Congratulations (again) you are a stalker. I love stalker ... they are people who are at least interested in me.

The Egg reviews
You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless death. The EMTs tried their best to save you, but to no avail. Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off, trust me. And that's when you met me. God.
Fiction: Mythology - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 997 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 9/15/2019 - Complete