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Well, hello there. I recently found out that more than five people have read this, so therefore I now must change it. Pity. I liked my original format.

So, let me do my absolute favorite thing to do, which is, to talk about myself. I am a female high school sophomore, single and looking, who likes to:

Play in band
Annoy John Cain
Be mean to a certain individual named Kenny
Make jokes

I write fanfiction, as if you hadn't already figured it out. Important information about my fanfiction writing and writings.

Current Stories:

Saiyaman Won't Save You This Time, Videl: The story that gained me recognition in the DBZ category. Is very angsty and kind of romantic at times. Been known to be funny, as well. Current status: Ten out of thirteen chapters finished.

Maturity: Indefinite hiatus. 2 out of nine chapters finished.

Everything You Want: I WILL FINISH THIS! ...Just...not anytime soon, okay? One out of five chapters finished.

Myuuted: Suspended, due to lack of reader response. One out of ??? chapters finished.


(note: I'm not entirely certain about posting my own original ideas here where evryone can see them. But I tell you: If anyone tries to steal these and pass them off as their is not going to be pretty. Use your own ideas.)

The Saiyan's Bride: That wonderful movie, The Princess Bride, done in Dragonball Style. Oneshot. Humor/Parody

That Haunted, Haunting Memory of Honor: Vejiita/Bulma get-together. Bulma finally dumped Yamcha and is on the rebound. But Vejiita won't respond to her advances. Why?...Well, I can't tell you! Romance/Drama. About seven chapters, perhaps more.

Fallen Angel, Ascendant Devil: G/V AU. The question is, which is which? DARK. Scary. The story of these two, after one major change has been made in their childhood. Angst/Romance. An epic.

Some Sense of Right and Wrong: Is being VERY HEAVILY REVISED! Expect the first chapter of the revised version 21 September. (also my one year anniversary here). In the pokemon world, there is no military. There is a token police force, but nothing more. There are few, if any, institutions of higher education. There is no mention of courts. No mention of a Congress, Senate, or Parliament. No mention of a King, Queen, President, Prime Minister, Premier, or any sort of ruler. What keeps the world from falling into anarchy? Do we really want to know? Epic. Horror/Angst/Drama (I haven't decided).

That's all about my writing. Now, how about the seething masses of humanity...?

People I Admire/Respect: Farla, CorianderWryters, Klara who changes her screen name too much, Burned Vamp, Fatechica, AnimeAngelVidel, Nik Nak, Charles Rocketboy Reilly, Sandact6, Poke Actor, Judith Hayes, (at http://), Enchantress101, Gohan's Onna formerly known as Van Lover, Ms. Videl Son, AMCM74, NaCoBe, cutiepie, Puru-girl, CCSAngel00 (sp?), moony-monster, Panny-Plan. Now, we get into people i know in real life: John Caine (my section leader), Jon Porter, Holly Wilson, Cassi Keen, Angie Colamonico, Megan Baltes, Kelly Thompson, and Andrea Housley.

Well, I guess that's it, if anyone is still reading this, than go down there and read and review what I've written here. And never forget The Internet Artists' Code: Everyone who ever put pen to paper is the next Mozart, the next Rembrandt, the next Shakespeare. I just SUCK. (that's mine, I made it up, don't steal it) ;P

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Musings of a sexually abused sexual offender. Foul, sick, disgusting, and depressing, but also (I think) insightful, and thought-provoking. But still, NO KIDS. GOT IT? NO KIDS.
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No, nothing to do with the song of the same name. We watched Gallipoli in Am.History today, and I guess this was partially inspired by that wonderful movie. It's the emotions of someone who feels like there's a debt they need to pay.
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