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I love Drumming, Reading, Drawing, and Writing. I especially like D/Hr, and am not quite sure why. I just read one awhile ago and got hooked. I live in America (I know, I know, it's a boring country. Don't listen to the rest of the world. It's not the land of opportunity- it's the land of conformity. However, I will not use this page as an outlet for my political views. Suffice it to say that I would rather be sitting in the shade on a sunny afternoon at a quaint café sipping Orangina with one of my best friends watching the Parisians walk by as we waste the day away (far away from terrible, boring French classes :involuntary shiver:). Either that or tending my garden at my cottage in the hills on the coast of Ireland, taking a break from my novel-writing along with my trusty cat Althea and charming, rakish, Irish lover with a twinkle in his eye. :sigh: We can always dream.)

Oh, and I'm not particularly fond of the character Ginny paired with anybody, it's just too weird and she so far hasn't shown any personality other than obsessive tendencies. So... if anybody does a fic with her as a main character, they've got their work cut out for them. They have some MAJOR characterization to do, seeing as how there is a severe lack of it in canon. She's proved so far to be immature and rather naive and I'm not sure what anyone would see in her as is outlined in the text.

I'm currently trying to work on Chapter 9 of Blurring Perceptions. It's about this chick who's in Slytherin, her name was mentioned in the 1st book so she didn't "transfer to Hogwarts" out of the sky. She's not remotely-

THE TYPICAL FEMALE OC; gorgeously sweeping into Hogwarts out of nowhere, having some dark and mysterious secret, stealing Harry's heart (much to Draco's dismay) at first glance (Harry just never noticed her before!), and saving the world, only to graduate best friends with Hermione, who just happens to be dating Ron, and they all live sappily ever after.

YOU WILL NOT FIND THAT HERE. If that's what you're looking for, I can give you lists of stories like that. They make me a little sick. This chica is multilayered (like an onion or a parfait!) and real. She makes the most of a slow year, using her wit and making the most of being in Slytherin (Yes, Slytherin! She's not exactly happy about that factor, she wished it was Ravenclaw, but makes do). She has a regular name, Morgan Moon, and is just trying to deal with Hogwarts life and dating. It's longer than 'Insensible' and I believe it to be the more interesting of the two, so if you mildly liked Insensible Emotions, read Blurring Perceptions, even though it has less reviews. SO READ IT!!! I promise you'll love. Plus, it has a variety of different people, not just a couple :)

Coming up in Blurring Perceptions: New developments and more when a potions unit reveals auras, emotions, and thoughts by affecting... haircolor?

Insensible Emotions - It's a D/Hr but with a plotline and twists. Totally unconventional and fresh, with arguments, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Avalon. Touches of fluff, but centralized around the characters, their feelings (mainly of animosity) for each other, and all of their glorious arguments and the loads of sexual tension, fun fun fun.
Chapter 10...To come.. once I get over my fanfiction writing block... Interesting stuff going on with that on-campus field trip, eh?...

If you've got anything you wanna say, eMail me! I promise I'll respond and hear you out!

Special thanks to Medea for beta reading my scribblings! GO READ HER STUFF NOW!

Oh, and btw, I DON'T have AIDS, I was just reading up on it and just had this surge of emotion and creativity, I sensed what it would be like, the whole poem thingy came very quickly. Some people I know have the disease, and it's a very tough and terrible killer. If you haven't, please do read it and tell me what you think. It's not a poem, no need to point that out. If you have a problem with that- sucks to you.

AIDS reviews
Very quick, surge of inspiration. Powerful and to the point.
Poetry: General - Rated: K - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 160 - Reviews: 6 - Published: 11/18/2001