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Well I now have to change my bio because of the spliiting of so don't expect a full one for quite a while...

I'm on here because I love to write. I admit my writing is not good but I also don't take the time to read and perfect what I write. Generally I sit down and write something and I don't proof read or go back later to improve the chapter. Hopefully that will change some day but don't hold your breath.

I love it when people review my stories and even enjoy reading other peoples stories. I don't care what kind of comments you make as long as they're well thought out and something more than "you suck". When I review I try to make long comments but it depends on my mood. Some of my comments may seem harsh but don't take them personally. If I really didn't like your story, I wouldn't bother to fact I'd probably stop reading halfway through the chapter. Fortunately that rarely happens. I love all kinds of stories. Basically I just want a story that has good character developement. I always want to feel like I can in some way understand a character...I may not agree with them but I have to know where they're coming from or get a sense of their nature.


Crushed Roses:(fantasy) A girl stumbles a dead girl in the forest near her house and her world is turned upsidedown. Well I've written four chapter so far but it seem as though people have stopped reading it. *shrug* Anyhoo, she's finally going to leave her hom and I guess I'm just waiting for some inspiration to hit.

Onyx: (horror) Well this is certainly different than anything I've written so far. I decided to gamble on a new first vampire novel. We'll see how it goes. Not entirely sure what's going to happen but I have lots of ideas in my head. My newest story so it will probably be one of the first to be updates.

Rakin: Ah yes, my oldest story. I know exactly where I'm going with this if only I could get off my lazy bum and write more. It's by far the longest and has gotten the most reviews. I'm perhaps at the halfway point. I started this almost five years ago though...and I have a HUGE urge to go back and rewrite some of the earlier chapters. So we'll see which comes first, the revising or the new stuff...

UPDATE: I'm heading off to europe for a little over a month so there won't be updates for a bit. I'll try to work on my stories overseas. Feel free to e-mail me with what you want me to update because I may get a chance to check my e-mail while there. Have a great summer everyone!

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We had an assignment in school to write three poems about different aspects of our lives. Hopefully the poem will be self-explanatory. It's has to do with my ethnicity. Thanks for reading :)
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