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Hi, I'm Alyce (or at least, I am on here). I intend to publish in the next few years, and most of my stories on here will have something to do with my original series, the Dedanan Chronicles. Some won't be related at all, but most will.

I'm also on FanFiction under the same name as here. If you want to read my fanfics, they're primarily in the Miraculous, Harry Potter, Dragon Prince, and Phantom of the Opera fandoms.

If you're interested, I'm also on Tumblr and AO3 (theoneandonlymagiscientist), DeviantArt (TamaraADuncan), and WordPress (Tamara A. Duncan, worldofdedanan). Drop by sometime! I'm much more active there.

OH and I'm writing a fantastic fanfic, The Snake and The Star: Loki and Aaravos Across the Mulitverse with my Tumblr friend alls-fair-in-pride-and-prejudice. It's going incredibly well! Check it out if you like Loki, Aaravos, accidental trust, and magical shenanigans.

I hope you enjoy my work, but even if you don't, please let me know what you think! I love constructive criticism; can't get enough of it. Reviews, good, bad, or neutral, inspire me like you wouldn't believe. So do favorites and follows-- if you like a story, favorite it and I'm more likely to write stories in that vein!

Thanks, and happy reading!!

Note: I like to play the Review Game, and may put other authors' stories up to be reviewed. If you want a review outside of the Game, you're welcome to PM me and ask!

Update 06/09/20: My World of Dedanan stories have been removed from this site. I am in the process of setting up my own website, and will post Dedanan stories there when I'm finished.

Update 10/12/20: is up and running! It'd mean the world to me if you'd drop by and let me know what you think! I post stories, conversations, fanart, fanfiction, and fan critiques every weekend.

As always, if you're interested in something, or you want more story than I've provided, feel free to PM me! I'm always interested in hearing from readers!

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Keep Your Darlings: Raves on Writing by Persnickety Fox reviews
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Cry of the Mer by Fantasy Ocean reviews
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Writing has always been a passion for Mercy. It's taken a while, but this critical, aspiring author finally got something published.
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You Call Her by Trixie Simmones reviews
TRIGGER WARNING! Contains sensitive content. Don't read if you are uncomfortable with
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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a princess stuck high up in a tower fair. Trapped there by a witch, she stood by the window and watched the years pass in fearful isolation. In that same kingdom lived a small-town thief, who rescued a princess from her tower and showed her that there was still light in the world.
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You Said You'd Grow Old With Me by Miri Selengut reviews
Avery wrapped her arms tightly around herself, as if she could stop the crumbling pieces of her from breaking apart. She was screaming from across the void, reaching for a lifeline that no longer existed. She was teetering, careening towards the edge of nothingness. Hurling towards the Ending at breakneck speed.
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Tamsyn is a regular teenage girl. She has boy troubles. She loves her best friend. She can't seem to stop reading about Historical Romance. But when Adrian of Gwenydd stumbles into a wormhole from the middle ages and straight into Tamsyn's life. Will they find a way to return Adrian home? Or will they get stuck in the moment?
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Clichéd reviews
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