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Heyo everyone! Raven is the name! First off, I love to write. It's one of the best things for me to do in my free time, as well as Roleplay. I'll be more than happy to RP with anyone at many time. I don't.

Some info about me.

Name: Raven

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual/Lesbian

Relation Status: Single and looking

Favorite Books: Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, Maximum Ride, Wings of Fire, Foxcraft

Favorite Shows: Pokémon, Digimon, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Sonic SatAM

Favorite Games: Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Sly Cooper, Pokémon, Digimon, Ratchet and Clank, Super Smash Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog

Discord: SmilesForMiles#7803

FanFiction.Net Account: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5442379/

Wattpad: -Ravenshine-

Roleplay Site: Storyteller


You're Different: Everyone thought that mutants were nothing but killing machines created by the evil doctor Pharba. However, one lone mutant is different than the others. Why is this one so different? Can he change people's views on mutant kind? Or will he fail and make an even worse impression for his own kind? Can he even stop his creator from finishing taking over the world? Currently in progress.

Darkwoods: When two kittens come to a small little town called Dark Woods, they find out that the normal little town isn't as normal as they once though. Together, the two felines try to solve the unsolved mysteries that lurk around the quiet little town that no one has dared to touch in years. Will they be able to piece together the mysteries and wonders that haunt the quiet woodland town? Currently in progress.

Secret Abyss: When Rua Bandini returns home to her old town Deadwater, she learns that it's not the same as she left it. She begins to look around the town she once knew to see what's going on. And she soon finds out that there's something very wrong with her once peaceful little home. There's something deep within the woods... Currently in progress.

Egem: After finding an old broken gem that was stolen, a young kitsu named Teles decides to put it back together in order to return it to the place it was taken from. However, once he finishes it, he's greeted with an unlikely friend. Currently in progress.

To Be a Thief: Follow the story of a fox, mouse, and polack bear as they travel around the world, stealing from other thieves, running from the cops, and trying to become the best thieves they can be. And avenge the little fox kit's family and friends that were murdered by an eagle named Talon and her gang of villains. Can they do it or will they fail? Only time will tell.

Thieving Tales: This is a collation of one-shots that's based around my To Be a Thief story. There will be humor stories, dark-themes, romance, and much more. I hope you all enjoy them! Currently in progress.

GhostTales: Until Midnight: Kussa is a young monster hunting cat. While out with her two friends, she's murdered. She awakes to find herself in limbo with a Reaper cat named Enigma. In order for her to come back to life, she has to work with him and take control of a few mortals to help fix their lives and put them back on track. The catch: She only has until midnight to help her host before she'll be forced to move on to the next. If she fails, her demon partner pays the price. All the while, other Reaper cats are hunting the two in order to put a stop to their plans. Will Kussa be able to help the mortals she's possessing? Will she be able to escape from the other Reapers that want her soul? Currently in progress.

Gemkats: Raeven is a young kat living in a world of despair and darkness. Caught in the middle of a galaxy wide war between Rebels, Empire, and Dragens, he must learn what it means to be a Gemkat and hone his magical powers of Gemkat-kind if he wishes to stop eons upon eons of death and suffering.

Azoria: The government is corrupt. They don't care about anyone or anything. Only themselves. There are a few kind souls however, but it is rare. Anyone that is 'different' is treated like an outcast. A monster. A freak. A demon. And they have ways to deal with those types.

And they're not very good ones...

The heroes and sometimes even villains alike, are going to have to put a stop to many threats that befall Azoria. They will be put to the test, pushed far beyond their limits. But will they be able to succeed?

Kurisuta Mystery Dungeon: Rising Shadows: In the town known as Daybreak Village, there are two rival Guilds. The Lune Guild, Kurisuta that wants to rescue other Kurisuta that are in trouble. Then there's the Solem Guild, Kurisuta that want to explore new land to explore and see what lies just beyond the horizon. The two Guilds have been rivals for many years, each claiming to be in the right while the other is in the wrong. They want to prove they're better than the other.

A lone Denachu joins the Lune Guild in hopes of a better life for himself, but when an unknown evil starts slowly crawling out of the shadows, threatening the whole world, he might have signed up for more than he thought possible.

Cloudlanders: Coalra is a young dragen living out her life in the Dragen Kingdom. One day, she is sent far from her homeland to a mysterious realm in the sky called Cloudlands. There she joins a school called Celestial Academy to become a future Cloudlander and defend the realm from evil and darkness.

Along the way, she'll meet many new friends and enemies in her journey to become a legendary hero as she is destined to be.

There is a world high above in the skies, unseen by those on the mere ground. A place called Cloudlands, a world in the sky on the Horizon Continent. There, a group of heroes defend the world from darkness and evil that threaten to rule it. But before that, they must complete their training in Celestial Academy before they can become true heroes of Cloudlands. The tasks ahead will be hard, but for true heroes, they will overcome it all and be legendary heroes of the land as they are destined to be.

Coalra: In this world, there are dragens. Dragens are the superior race. They rule land and skies. The Dragen Realms is what this mighty land is called. It is filled with magic and mythical creatures as far as the eye can see. A somewhat peaceful place for any young creature to grow up in.

That is until one day, danger strikes the land. A large black dragen who calls herself Zella has taken it upon herself to seek revenge on the land. On those who have shunned her, done her wrong. She will make them all pay. The Dragen Realms and those outside it, will bow down to her rule if she has anything to say about it.

Coalra is thrust into saving a world that could care less about her for the same reasons that Zella turned evil. Like it or not, the little dragen must save the world from darkness and evil.

Dragon Guards: The Dragon Sanctuary was a safe haven for all dragon kind hunted and rare. The sanctuary isn't just a safe haven it is also grounds for raising and taking care of young dragons. The Dragon Sanctuary is protected by a special ban of guards called the Dragon Guard who protect the Dragon Sanctuary. Zera is the great dragon master with unimaginable wisdom. She was training the new Guard, readying to protect the Sanctuary when she began having visions of it in great danger. The Dragon Guard must ready themselves for darkness and evil is lurking just out of sight, waiting for the chance to strike.

Spiritgem: In a land known as Asunda, all is peaceful. The world is protected by a group of warriors called S-Fighters. They protect Asunda from dangerous forces of evil and darkness. It has been two thousand years since the time of the S-Fighters, and they have passed into legend and folklore. Their legacy, however, continues. A new wave of awesome beings are being born. They will be known as heroes and monsters, warriors and magicians, the universe a warzone, a battleground, a playground. They will form bonds stronger than blood, struggle against each other with the might of two planets colliding.

Only the victorious make history. Will you be seen as righteous?

Will you become a hero or tyrant, or carve your own path through the turmoil?

Will you carve your name upon the fabric of the universe?

Soulbound: Long, long ago, warriors wielding Spiritblades fought each other in a catastrophic battle, resulting in the Spiritblade War. Over a thousand years later, Spiritblade wielders are called heretics and the weapon's very mention and use forbidden by many. When darkness strikes their home, a new wielder of the Spiritblade is suddenly thrown into an adventure to stop it, all while dark forces hunt them down.

Anthrian Experiment: Hidden off the coast of Shora, there is a facility that is any animal's worst nightmare. It is called the Prison and behind closed doors rest a secret project for taking over the world. A few animals don't wish to be turned into evil mindless slaves that follow orders without question. They want to be free like they once were. A fox might very well be their ticket to escaping.

Krush Bandiku: Summary to be added.

Cateyes: Four rise the same; only one is to blame

As the four rise to stars; the sky will fill with scars

When the moon bleeds; the stars will disappear as far as the eye can see

Siblings of doom will be the sky's tomb

A dark omen hangs over the forest like a cursed shadow. No cat is sure what to make of the mysterious prophecy or vision that was given to the four healers of RueClan, RockClan, DuskClan, and SandClan.

Things only get worse for the four cat Clans as four kittens are found on their territories mysteriously. They are taken in and raised as though they were each a part of their adoptive Clan. But is that really the right choice to make? Could they have doomed not just the forest, but the whole world by taking in the four kittens?

Were did they come from? And what role do they have to play in the dark prophecy? What is their part in this twisted game?

And just who is pulling the strings?

Foxfighters: Snowpup is a young trainee of RumblePack, training to become a soldier. Life seems easy for the young she-fox, but things quickly take a turn for the worst when she discovers something mysterious going on in the forest. The lake has sudden turned red with blood.

Mooncry: Having escaped a cruel place were dogfights were very common, the escapees fled into the forest, starting their own Packs alongside the foxes, wolves, and cats. Not long after they escaped, a small pup named Ruftan showed up, wishing to join them. They accepted him and allowed him to live with them. Things were very rocky at first and trying to get along and survive together was no easy task for any of them. It would take awhile but it would get better. However, evil lurked in the shadows... Can it be stopped?

The Hunt: Every full moon, the Maligni take the prisoners out of the Morien and have them take part in a Game called The Hunt. It a dangerous Game of life or death. Whoever is left at the end will be given a second chance to redeem themselves and get back on the leader's good side.

The catch?

No one is meant to survive the Game.

Wolfguard: After finding out that Mitsuko has been given a powerful gift known as the Howl, he is tasked with creating the new protectors of Okimi. The Wolf Guard. Now he and his chosen friends must protect the land from any thing that might happen. But it is no easy task. Evil lurks within the shadows. Does the new Guard have what it takes to protect their home from the forces of evil?

MysteryChasers: In the town of Enigmatropolis, not all is as it seems. The supernatural is a lot more real than people like to think. A small group of supernatural investigators deal with investigating mysteries and other things that might happen around the town they call home. However, this is a dangerous game that they play, and every game has a price.

Niles' Quest: "This world needs cleansing. Humans and mammals have dominated this planet for too long. I suggest we wipe the slate clean...by ridding ourselves of them." Then the world is threatened by a flock of power-hungry birds, a young fox must rise to put at end to the birds and save the mammal and human worlds.

CharmedPaws: Legend tells of a powerful force. Three friends who saved the land from the Supernatural long ago. For centuries, this legend has been repeated. Now, 300 years later, a new trio rises to counter an evil that threatens the land again. A cat, fox, and dog find themselves tasked with becoming the new CharmedPaws and protecting Everwood from the forces of evil.

Blood Moon: Hidden deep within our hearts, there are monsters inside us, yearning for blood and death, waiting for the right time to strike…

Bloodshed: Four Clans, one battle. Which Clan will rise above the rest? And which one will crash and burn?

Kurisuta Mystery Dungeon: Golden Resistance: A mouse and a rabbit. Two unlikely friends. One destiny to save the world. Darkness has fallen over the region with the Master's iron grip and the Watchers that patrol during the night, capturing and killing stray Kurisuta for their ruler. Team Strife joins the Resistance to take back the world from the Master and free the land.

Cateyes: Fallen Stars: The stars have fallen, the Apocalypse is upon them. Four cats must try to fix the world that has fallen into darkness or die trying.

Crimson Snow: When white turns red, Beware the undead.

I See Fire:

Impure Paws:

Eye for an Eye:

Storm of Claws:


Completed One-ShotsNovels:

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Any of you guys want to take part in a challenge of mine? I call it the 1,000 Prompt/Theme Challenge! Try to do as many as you can! The rules are as followed:

Rule 1: Can be based off a fandom or an original idea.

Rule 2: OCs are highly encouraged.

Rule 3: Chapters must be 1,000 words long or longer. The longer the better actually.

Rule 4: Chapters must be about the word or phase or have something to do with it. That's the whole point of the challenge after all.

Rule 5: Can be ship-based if wanted. Doesn't have to be.

Rule 6: Not all 1,000 need to be done. Do as many as you want or think you can.

Rule 7: Collabs with others is fine with me.

Rule 8: You don't have to write them in the order I have listed. You can write them in whatever order you want. Save for the introduction one. That kinda has to be first.

Rule 9: Have fun above all else. Don't stress out over this. It's meant to be fun and to help with lack of inspiration. Tackle it when you want or able to. No rush at all. It's meant to be a fun project and nothing more.

Rule 10: You can connect chapters together in an arc if you feel that some ideas can work well off each other or keep them as one-off chapters. Your story, you do what you want. You want an arc? Go for it. You want to keep them all their one chapter in this challenge? That's okay too.

The List:

1. Introduction

2. Love

3. Light

4. Dark

5. Snow

6. Seeking Solace

7. Break Away

8. Dream

9. Innocence

10. Drive

11. Breathe Again

12. Memory

13. Insanity

14. Misfortune

15. Smile

16. Silence

17. Illusion

18. Blood

19. Fortitude

20. Vacation

21. Mother Nature

22. Cat

23. No Time

24. Trouble Lurking

25. Tears

26. Foreign

27. Sorrow

28. Happiness

29. Under the Rain

30. Flowers

31. Night

32. Expectations

33. Stars

34. Hold My Hand

35. Fairy Tale

36. Eyes

37. Abandoned

38. Water

39. Teamwork

40. Standing Still

41. Dying

42. Two Roads

43. Heaven

44. Family

45. Childhood

46. Breaking the Rules

47. Deep in Thought

48. Keeping a Secret

49. Tower

50. Waiting

51. Danger Ahead

52. Sacrifice

53. Kick in the Head

54. No Way Out

55. Rejection

56. Beautiful

57. Magic

58. Do Not Disturb

59. Multitasking

60. Horror

61. Traps

62. Playing the Melody

63. Hero

64. Annoyance

65. Obsession

66. Mischief Managed

67. I Can't

68. Are You Challenging Me?

69. Mirror

70. Broken Pieces

71. Test

72. Drink

73. Starvation

74. Can You Hear Me?

75. Heal

76. Out Cold

77. Spiral

78. Seeing Red

79. Food

80. Pain

81. Through the Fire

82. Triangle

83. Drowning

84. All That I Have

85. Give Up

86. Last Hope

87. Advertisement

88. In the Storm

89. Safety First

90. Puzzle

91. Solitude

92. Relaxation

93. Complicated

94. Making History

95. Rivalry

96. Unbreakable

97. Eternity

98. Gateway

99. Death

100. Opportunities

101. Dead Wrong

102. Running Away

103. Judgement

104. Excuses

105. Vengeance

106. Never Again

107. Failure

108. Forever and a Day

109. Lost and Found

110. Faith

111. Colors

112. Exploration

113. Forgotten

114. Dreamer

115. Mist

116. Burning

117. Out of Time

118. Knowing How

119. Fork in the Road

120. Start

121. Nature's Fury

122. At Peace

123. Desire

124. Reflection

125. Perfection

126. Everyday Magic

127. Blur

128. Troubling Thoughts

129. Stirring of the Wind

130. Future

131. Past

132. Health and Healing

133. Separation

134. Everything For You

135. Slow Down

136. Heartfelt Apology

137. Challenged

138. Exhaustion

139. Accuracy

140. Cold Embrace

141. A Moment in Time

142. Frost

143. Dangerous Territory

144. Boundaries

145. Unsettling Revelations

146. Shattered

147. Bitter Silence

148. The True You

149. Pretense

150. Patience

151. Midnight

152. Shadows

153. Summer Haze

154. Memories

155. Change in the Weather

156. Illogical

157. A Place to Belong

158. Only Human

159. Adventure

160. Action

161. Mystery

162. Breakfast

163. Echoes

164. Falling

165. Picking up the Pieces

166. Gunshot

167. Possession

168. Twilight

169. Nowhere and Nothing

170. Answers

171. Simplicity

172. Reality

173. Acceptance

174. Lesson

175. Enthusiasm

176. Games

177. Endings

178. Break

179. Mother

180. Want

181. Wrath

182. Moon

183. Walk

184. See

185. Die

186. Young

187. Need

188. Horrific

189. Storm

190. Gone

191. Alone

192. Fantasy

193. Lock and Key

194. Poison

195. Sword

196. Chains

197. Fear

198. Under Water

199. Wings

200. Unseen

201. Sharp

202. Fading

203. Dirt

204. What If...

205. Bird

206. Bunny

207. Fashion

208. Sparkle

209. Confusion

210. Freedom

211. Joy

212. Time

213. Warmth

214. Fire

215. Ice

216. Insomnia

217. Dance

218. Message

219. Imaginary

220. Underworld

221. Hope

222. Song

223. Lost

224. Play

225. Run

226. Wild

227. Morning

228. Loneliness

229. Sweet

230. Candy

231. Grandparents

232. Ocean

233. Forever

234. Never

235. Prevail

236. Survive

237. Intelligence

238. King

239. Knight

240. Clone (Doppelganger)

241. Out

242. Monster

243. Wrong

244. Sign

245. Listen

246. Please

247. Destruction

248. I Did What I Had To

249. Surveillance

250. One

251. Maybe

252. Text

253. Hospital

254. Agent

255. Undercover

256. Wonder

257. Here I Am

258. Believe

259. Hello/Goodbye

260. Meeting

261. Accident

262. Hatred

263. Dungeon

264. Fly

265. Invisible

266. Spring

267. Summer

268. Autumn

269. Winter

270. Sky

271. Cloud

272. Rain

273. Wish

274. Trust

275. Change

276. Return

277. Look

278. Consequences

279. Forgiveness

280. Growing Up

281. Chosen One

282. Delete

283. Final

284. Surrender

285. Save

286. Celebration

287. Call

288. Forget

289. Disappear

290. Reminder

291. Remember

292. Come

293. Empty

294. Better

295. Why

296. Laughter

297. Looking Back

298. Someday

299. Village

300. Face

301. Present

302. Secrets

303. Will

304. Hot

305. Cold

306. Band

307. Chance

308. Darkness

309. Evil

310. Good

311. Hate

312. Triumph

313. Feel

314. Wrecked

315. Soft

316. Without

317. Inspiration

318. Picnic

319. Confused

320. Affection

321. Sympathy

322. Holding

323. Defeated

324. Pride

325. Knife

326. Overwhelmed

327. Depressed

328. Adoration

329. Worship

330. Zeal

331. Rage

332. Anger

333. Fury

334. Delight

335. Submission

336. Infatuation

337. Anticipation

338. Pessimistic

339. Jolly

340. Grasping

341. Agitation

342. Calm

343. Astonished

344. Longing

345. Tender

346. Hard

347. Rebirth

348. Amused

349. Broken

350. Tranquil

351. Abused

352. Composed

353. Glad

354. Stress

355. Coping

356. Boisterous

357. Placid

358. Tired

359. Bliss

360. Neglect

361. Fine

362. Question

363. Energetic

364. Noble

365. Disgust

366. Lively

367. Power

368. Pity

369. Humiliation

370. Satisfied

371. Thankful

372. Hyper

373. Goosebumps

374. Worthless

375. Remorse

376. Degraded

377. Revenge

378. Fulfilled

379. Shame

380. Graceful

381. Shinning

382. Content

383. Feelings

384. Pleased

385. Relief

386. Zest

387. Rest

388. Building

389. Optimistic

390. Thrilled

391. Dealing

392. Reflect

393. Embarrassment

394. I’m Here

395. Demon

396. Ghost

397. Zombie

398. Weapon

399. Tease

400. Puppy Love

401. Clean

402. Funeral

403. Evidence

404. Cut

405. Prowl

406. Caring

407. Dismiss

408. Heavy

409. Impulse

410. Scowl

411. Awkward

412. Plead

413. Engage

414. Journey

415. Hush

416. Shield

417. Defiant

418. Life

419. Struggle

420. Go

421. Free

422. Hidden

423. Untouchable

424. Touch

425. Afterlife

426. Decent

427. Overflow

428. Numb

429. Heartbeat

430. Heartbreak

431. Fireworks

432. First kiss

433. Insanity

434. Daybreak

435. Protection

436. Shooting Star

437. Lies

438. Foolish

439. Wired

440. Chocolate

441. Threat

442. Empire

443. Falter

444. Strings

445. Jealous

446. Honor

447. Blaze

448. Quake

449. Haze

450. Ashes

451. Leave


453. Verbal

454. Mistakes

455. Starlight

456. Spider web

457. Immortal

458. Fake

459. Trouble

460. Destiny

461. Breathing

462. Meant No Harm

463. Daring

464. By My Side

465. Haunted

466. Mountains

467. Stumble

468. Crash

469. Dim

470. Loved

471. Nightmare

472. Twisted

473. Isolation

474. I Know

475. Missing

476. Full Moon

477. War

478. Coma

479. Ring

480. Locked

481. All I Ask

482. Passion

483. Divided

484. Treat

485. Enchant

486. Dust

487. With You

488. Powerless

489. Victory

490. Tremble

491. Killing

492. Bewitching

493. Breeze

494. Shop Time

495. Recoil

496. Helping Hand

497. Cheat

498. Experience

499. On My Mind

500. Punch

501. Panic

502. Pretend

503. Kneel

504. Worst Day

505. Try Again

506. Mellow

507. Eternal

508. Circus

509. Mercy

510. Closer

511. Turning Point

512. Park Bench

513. Butterflies

514. Endless Night

515. Cuddle

516. Fireplace

517. Vanish

518. Fireflies

519. Chained

520. Electrify

521. Under Pressure

522. Time Travel

523. Stop Time

524. Toxic

525. Moonlight

526. Snow Storm

527. Admire

528. Freak Out

529. Scarred

530. Breakable

531. Control

532. Paint

533. River

534. After a Battle

535. End of the World

536. Pet

537. Puppets

538. Gamble

539. Sick

540. Corrupted

541. Christmas

542. Halloween

543. Valentine's Day

544. Mother's Day

545. Father's Day

546. Crush

547. Mad

548. Tradition

549. Hope

550. Heart

551. Surprise

552. Cursed

553. Misunderstanding

554. Crisis

555. Experiment

556. Ninja

557. Uh-Oh...

558. Duel

559. Pain

560. Chaos

561. Fast

562. Dog

563. Dragon

564. Precious Treasure

565. Creation

566. Fox

567. Torture

568. Helplessness

569. Weak

570. Coward

571. Villain

572. Get Up

573. Void

574. Hunger

575. Mislead

576. Desert

577. Amnesia

578. Underhanded

579. Blossom

580. Sacrificial

581. Drop

582. Under

583. Distasteful

584. Lurking

585. Anniversary

586. Rocket

587. Envy

588. Lust

589. No Color

590. Upside Down

591. During a Battle

592. Stitch

593. Web

594. Vampire

595. Mask

596. Portal

597. Mutation

598. Manipulation

599. Imaginary

600. Battlefield

601. Effort

602. What?

603. Movie

604. Fall

605. Heartless

606. Soulless

607. Hunt

608. Hunted

609. Murder

610. Killer

611. Prison

612. Bullies

613. Enslaved

614. Slave

615. Servant

616. Shield

617. Royal pet

618. Master

619. Ocean

620. Alien

621. Frozen

622. Carnival

623. Date

624. Romance

625. First Date

626. Injury

627. The Woods

628. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

629. Warriors

630. Mercy or Genocide?

631. Infected

632. Break My Mind

633. Greedy

634. You Can't Hide

635. Roll or Die

636. Bend You 'Till You Break

637. Kill the Lights

638. Duality

639. On My Own

640. It's Me

641. Watch Your Back

642. Alone With You

643. You Belong Here

644. Sick of It

645. Not Gonna Die

646. Madness in Me

647. Falling Into the Black

648. Freak Show

649. Go Back

650. Something Strange

651. Bear It

652. It's Up to You

653. Out of Control

654. Under My Spell

655. Will You Save Me?

656. Last One Standing

657. The Me in Me

658. Face my Fears

659. Game Over

660. Leave Me Alone

661. They'll Find You

662. What Are You Hiding

663. Other Friends

664. Change

665. Reignited

666. Phantom Dancing

667. Carnevil Showdown

668. The Wolf

669. Haunted House

670. Never Alone

671. Darkside

672. I'm Not a Monster!

673. Sleep Paralysis

674. Survivors

675. He is my Master

676. No More

677. Guild

678. Mission

679. Recuse

680. Exile

681. Heir

682. Twisted Fate

683. Just to Satisfy

684. New Year's Kiss

685. Corrupted World

686. Good Luck!

687. Whispers in the Shadows

688. New Life

689. Darkened Skies

690. Guiding Light

691. Another World

692. Fateful Survivors

693. Show No Mercy

694. Crowned

695. Doom

696. Glitch

697. Bandits of the Forest

698. Thief

699. Tainted

700. Becoming Legend

701. Bloodlines

702. A Place to Belong

703. True Colors

704. Illusion of Peace

705. The Takeover

706. Broken Reality

707. Host

708. Moonstruck

709. Origins

710. Chains of Fate

711. Legendary Hero

712. Friendship

713. Relationship

714. Resistance

715. Gem

716. Caged

717. Wasteland

718. Deal

719. Guardian

720. Bound

721. Shining Lights

722. Lost Memories

723. Angel

724. Back in Action!

725. Image

726. Uprising

727. One in a Million

728. Different

729. Wildfire

730. How Dare You

731. Solar

732. Lunar

733. Eclipse

734. Rising Shadows

735. Broken City

736. Nine Lives

737. Tamed

738. A Lost Heart of a Slave

739. Broken Ideals

740. The Price for Freedom

741. Deserter

742. Vortex

743. Awaken Sleeper

744. Warrior

745. Green

746. Exterminate

747. Planet

748. Chariots of Fire

749. Destiny's Wake

750. Dream Maker

751. Cured

752. Station of Waking

753. Destiny's Tide

754. Housemates

755. Stalemate

756. Checkmate

757. Knight in Shining Armor

758. Looking Glass

759. Mind Games

760. Who Am I?

761. Take Me to your Leader

762. Fog

763. High Seas

764. Fly

, Come Back

766. Two Heads are Better than One

767. Scyth

768. Spit and Polish

769. Camoflauge

770. Beep Me

771. Skin of your Teeth

772, Campsite

773, Brave New World

774. Lover's Quarrel

775. This is a Stick Up!

776. Martial Law

777. Castle

778. Tiny Bubbles

779. Teething

780. High School

781. College Dropout

782. I Want My Friend Back

783. Gold Digger

784. Raven

785. A Good Man

786. Child of Promise

787. Spark

788. Trauma

789. Trials of War

790. There Will Be Hell to Pay

791. There Will be Death

792. You Really Think You Can Defeat Me?

793. You Could Have Got Us Both Killed!

794. Face It, You Need Me!

795. Suffer

796. Monster Outbreak

797. Chase

798. Enchanted Eyes

799. Charmed

800. Fading Stars

801. Panic Attack

802. Freaking Me Out

803. Flirt

804. Deranged

805. Dishonest

806. Anxious

807. Disloyal

808. Non-violent

809. Overprotective

810. Paranoid

811. Phobic

812. Rebellious

813. Reckless

814. Soft-hearted

815. Troublemaker

816. Unlucky

817. Timid

818. Untrustworthy

819. Weak-willed

820. Heartfelt

821. Crashed

822. Anxiety

823. Killing Game

824. Betrayal

825. Mistletoe

826. Bullet

827. Cruelty

828. Underground

829. Inside

830. Friendship

831. Mystery

832. Dare

833. Forgiveness

834. Mistake

835. Disaster

836. Difference

837. Energy

838. Recovery

839. Mischief

840. Shy

841. War and Peace

842. Sunset

843. Slip Up

844. Trapped

845. Crowd

846. Thunderstorm

847. Breakout

848. Caught

849. Curiosity

850. Potion

851. Whisper

852. Beaten

853. Taking Chances

854. Black and Blue

855. Beach

856. Risk

857. Outcast

858. Scary Monsters

859. Escape

860. Chains

861. Do You Remember Me?

862. Coward or Killer

863. Burn the Witch!

864. Changing Faces

865. Wisdom of the Elders

866. What's in a Name?

867. Scales and Sunshine

868. Shredding Wisdom

869. Heed my Warning

870. Zapped

871. Defend Yourself, Hero!

872. In the Doghouse

873. Bad Wolf

874. The Sound of Drums

875. Left for Dead

876. Ocean's Rising

877. Princess of Fate

878. Ashes to Ashes

879. Race for Life

880. You'll be my Brother Forever

881. Give me a Sign

882. Warrior's Respite

883. Across the Bay

884. Singing Mountains

885. Yowling

886. On Your Feet!

887. You Don't Know What I've Been Through

888. I'm Doing This for my Own Sake; Why Should I Care About Consequences?

889. Flu

890. Fresh Kill

891. Heart of Glass

892. Spellbound

893. Man or Monster

894. Pack Rules

895. X Marks

896. Who is Gonna Save You Now?

897. Blood and Fire

898. Hold Me

899. You Belong to Me

900. Bravery

901. Ghost Town

902. What You Can't See

903. Bulletproof

904. Wanna Play

905. Haunted House

906. This is the End

907. Catch Me If You Can

908. Fireflies

909. Thunder

910. We're the Same

911. What Are You Hiding?

912. They'll Find You

913. Take My Breath Away

914. Enjoy the Show

915. Crimes

916. We Want Out

917. Reignited

918. Speak With Your Heart

919. Repair

920. Dearly Beloved

921. Don't Think Twice

922. Embrace the Magic

923. Under Our Spell

924. It's All a Blur

925. Ashes

926. Time Twisted

927. Under Pressure

928. Never Surrender

929. Follow Me

930. It's Me






Art of Conversation

Take Your Best Shot



Puzzling Words







Just Say It

Last Words








Cast Away





Curl Up


Look Again





Stop Fussing



Either Or

Tell Me A Story



Who Am I?



Just Try

For Me?

Your Choice (Literally! You've Made It To 50!)






Stay With Me









How Much Is Too Much?


Try Again



The First Time




Tread Carefully

One False Step



It Can't Be

In Due Time





Around The Bend

Well Traveled






Found, Not Lost



I Could Have



Build Up

Inch By Inch


Blue Sky

Good luck and have fun!

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