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Welp, I'm back from FanFiction!

Yup. It's me, Johto Jedi, writer of the chaotic fic "Nintendo Fighter School" and others. If you're that big of a fan that you followed me here, I've just got one question for you: Do you even have a life? I mean, no one's THAT obsessed with the FanFiction garbage I write in my free time, I mean, right? Well, maybe not.

My friends and I have created some ideas we hope can one day become reality. For more info and backdrop music visit https:///profile/5f24df311a9a0a1930d8bd732d82c4dab72dff29#/public

Check that out I guess.

Sinisix Series

The Sinisix series is a series of four horror/ adventure RPGs. The first one stars a fourteen-year-old by the name of Asher who was chosen by the god Astraburst as a champion, only because Astrabust's rival god, Sinisix, said it was going to choose Asher's best friend, Nissi. sinisix ends up killing Nissi, and chooses its champion as Nissi's twin sister, Osina. Osina doesn't want to obey Sinisix, but hides that truth from the destructive god, and secretly helps Asher seal it away in its shield. Along the way, they meet a group of children who are only half human, being hidden from Astraburst by the twin gods Morspulvis and Vitapulvis. Astraburst created them by forcing animals of different species to have children, those children growing up to be "the strongest fighters Sinisix will ever feast its six eyes on", showing Astraburst's darker side. The second game focuses on those children.

In the second game, you have the option to choose to play as a character who "is a leader", "prefers to be alone", "can't control themself", or "is confused". Each one corresponds to one of four characters, and one of four views of the story. In order with the traits, those characters are Tundra (the strongest, bravest, most popular, and most selfish of the chimera children), Coins (Tundra's "fanboy"; a shy twelve-year-old who's half insect), Topaz (a girl born genderless; changing personality, whoever angers her has their life drain unintentionally), and a reincarnated Nissi. In this game, Sinisix and Astraburst are both enemies, having Sinisix destroy good and Astraburst create bad.

The third game is a little less straightforward with its plot. Jordan Proxico is a young adult living in an underground fight club called "Rockburst". Rockburst is a decent place to live. No rent, free food, decent living conditions, that kind of stuff. Jordan is well aware that he can make anything from anything, whether it's even physically possible or not, and he even has 3/4 of his limbs metal. These are pretty convenient factors for someone who lives in a fighting club. He's also the son of the god of technology, so, uh, yeah. For reasons we haven't decided yet, Jordan leaves the fight club to help the A-hole gods with their stuff: taking care of their kids, stopping them from getting in wars, babysitting, that kind of stuff. Even though the gods are all A-holes, it's a fun job, but Rockburst wants their star back...

The fourth game hasn't been discussed. Thank you.

Anyway, enjoy or whatever...

Me and some friends have been working on an idea for an RPG series. Here is the basic story. We also have concept art and sheet music, but that's not important. Basically, this story's about a kid who winds up having to save the universe from Sinisix, the god of destruction. Rated T for blood, death, violence, mild profanity, fantasy violence, and other spoopy stuff.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,617 - Published: 4/17