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Yes, It is I, the Lord of Altair.

First off, here are some things you need to know about me:

1. I don't love characters for just their looks alone. Some of the characters I will be writing about aren't always going to be your typical prince charming. Yes, I write fics of consensual monster sex. I know, I'm just a sick freak, huh?

2. I do NOT take requests or trades for stories nor fanfics anymore. I apologise to those who had requests. It just feels very stressful trying to write a story for someone else, and most of the time, when I did finish the story, the person who requested it felt rather displeased or felt it wasn't up to his/her standards. Sorry to let you all down.

3. I don't write OoC yuri or yaoi fanfics. I really don't see the appeal. It's mostly "Oh, let's pair two of the most beautiful sparkly characters in that fandom together, even though they hate each other/are just friends/or family members".

4. I hate Mary Sues and Gary Stus. I try as hard as I can not to make my OCs Mary Sues. Same goes for self inserts.

5. Did I mention that I have a huge monster and demi-human fetish. I even believe the "ugly" monsters and demi-humans need love too. I'm sick of the "ugly" monsters always being rapists. I really am. Non-sparkly non-bishie monsters really need love and feel love just as much as the sparkly bishie characters.

6. When my stories deals with unpleasant topics, such as rape, torture, abuse and mutilation, I do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT romanticize any of this. I've been abused and mistreated by so-called friends, and I don't ever think that they abused me because they "loved me". Screw you Twilight Saga!

7. I turned off anonymous reviews, because I'm sick of flamewars and fangirls being disrespectful of my opinions. We all have opinions, just respect those that are different from yours.

8. If I get one more comment of "Where's the pretty boy yaoi" over and over again, I am going to deleted it, NO EXCUSES.

9. I hope you enjoy my works. I worked so hard on writing my stories and fanfics. I hope you guys can appreciate what I put to together. If you don't like my works, that's okay too, just try to be civil about it.

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