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Hey! I've decided to change the bio once again and cut out a lot of the stuff I had on there earlier plus I'm also deleting some fics. It's just getting a bit too much. -_- I might even get a new pen-name, hehe. So, if you'd like to read my fics, just kick back and relax, or otherwise, you could get the hell out if you don't like them, which I'm pretty sure you won't very much. -_-

A Bit About Myself:

Gender: Female
Age: 13
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Asian
Religion: Christian
Favorite Genres of Stories: Romance, of course ^_^

If you're a Cardcaptor Sakura fan, especially E+T, please take a look at my Favorite Stories list. There's a lot of great stories there. So here's the Fanfic Status along with summaries.

Fanfic status:

Learning To Love and Learning From Love - A completely AU fanfic which takes place in Hong Kong. But at the same time follows up the original CCS storyline. @_@ Sakura and Touya, orphans, meet up with Syaoran, Meiling, and Tomoyo (Syaoran and Meiling are siblings). To get away from nearly unbearable orphanage life, they decide to take up on their offer. Touya would go live with the Li family while Sakura would go with Daidouji Tomoyo. Comes complete with a new *Meiling* (you'll know what I mean), love complications, triangles, confusions, a short spotlight on family secrets and ties with their new families, and unrequited love for Tomoyo once again (no not Sakura).
*Main pairings are S+S, E+T, and Meiling/Touya and minor Sonomi/OC later*
[Chapter 11 is now up]

Soundless Love - Another E+T fanfic. Tomoyo, who had gotten deaf recently, moves to Tomoeda. Tomoyo becomes fast friends with Eriol, Sakura, Syaoran, and Meiling. Since the class had already taken a lesson on sign language, Hiiragizawa Eriol, the top student takes over the job to teach Tomoyo this language of the hands. Will the language of love come forth between them?
*Main pairings are no doubt E+T and S+S. A Meiling pair is yet to be decided*
[Chapter 1 is finally up]

The first few chapters of Learning To Love and Learning From Love will be revised. I just feel that those are written even more terribly than the rest are. -_- So watch out for revisions of about chapters 1 - 4.

Thanks for all the support you've given me. *Wipes a tear* I never knew I'd reach over 100 reviews for *any* of my stories! Thank you all!!! And please continue to R+R!!! Til next bio update! Ja ne!