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The major part of my slash fiction is *not* available at - please visit http:// , where you can find the sequels to The Snitch ("Dragon Rock", "Lucius Malfoy and the Gift of Mercy", "Ron Weasley and the Dragons", "Toward End Game" and "My Mother Told Me Life Was Like A Box Of Weevils" - a WIP.) as well as The Real Malfoy Files Sequence, the ultimate Mary Sue fic, "Harry Potter and the Internet: The Mary Sue Story", Switch - a Lucius/James, Harry/Draco, and the CORRECTLY FORMATTED AND USER FRIENDLY VERSION of GORGE.

Not to mention various other short fics, spin-offs from the main sequences by other great authors, and tons of art and banners by Libertine readers.

Please also join Veela Inc: http:///group/veelainc - a website for updates & exclusive fics, as well as the fiction of Ivy Blossom, Olympia, Penelope Z, Rhoddlet, Durendal and Kym.