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To paraphrase Victor Hugo, I'm a nerd as others are priests. :D Background in educational psychology with an emphasis on gifted-- which comes into my stories a great deal. Dr. Ariane Emory (both of her) in C.J. Cherryh's *Cyteen* is/are my personal hero(es). This is reflected in my fics.

Fandoms: Star of the Guardians and Harry Potter. I like to play with psychosexual themes that the authors leave to the imagination-- or in Rowling's case, probably never meant to put there at all.


I have gotten a lot of emails over the past few months asking me when PtQ will be updated here. The answer, to save all concerned a lot of time and trouble, is: I don't know. PtQ can be found up through chapter 29 at:




At present, I do not know when I will have the next chapters of PtQ ready. Right now, my Real Life is intruding unpleasantly on my writing time, and frankly, I do not have the time even to work on the story, let alone to participate in the kind of extensive correspondence that usually follows a new section of PtQ. So, give me a few months to get my real life in order, and my writing will be that much better for it.

I hope that this will save everyone, myself included *GRIN* a bit of time. Thanks in advance for being patient with me.