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Update for stories:

Several stories have been removed--this was my own choice. Two FY stories, and some Inuyasha stories. If they get posted again, they will be rewritten and corrected.

Sealed Away--currently being worked on. I have to work out the details of that 'ceremony' and how things are going to exactly work out.

Falling--workong on this one as well. I have to play with both worlds, memories and positions of the various characters. Plus, I haven't worked on it in so long, I have to re-read and go over my original plans on this.

Summer's End--part one of this story is finished! Yes, there will be a part two--as to what is going on next, their lives on the other side of the well and so on and so forth. But this part is done!

Sacrifice--I would like to say that this story is finished, but I really want to rewrite it. It's sloppy writing in my opinion, and could use a lot of work. It's much too rushed and things really need to be corrected with this.

Joint fics and challenge fics--the challenge fic is done, I just can't post it yet--!! But don't worry, you can read at least up to chaper 6 at Himiko's site, and then later the final two chapters. As for the joint fic--whenever the both of us have the time to work on the story.

Fallen Angels--Chapter three is partway written--but again, certain parts I want to rewrite because my knowledge of the show has expanded since I first started this.

The rest of the stories--if they're not listed up here, there won't be any updates for awhile, I'm sorry. Right now they are either my very old fics, or storires that I've (temp) lost interest in.

Thanks for reading!