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Dramatis Personae of Capital City


Ghost/Spectre: Nancy Artemisia Solo, mid 20s, current head librarian of Capital City's major library during the day and superheroine by night. Was experimented on as a child by a major weapons dealer who sought to transform her and her sister into the ultimate weapons but escaped at the age of 13 with the help of Ben Sage, a fellow experiment. In between 13 and 26 she lived on the street, acquired a space ship through questionable circumstances, lived as a space captain with a crew, and gave up a life of mild crime for a life of doing good as a superhero in a world in which the space age and the age of heroics co-exists. Has the powers of a ghost, capable of passing through objects, possessing people's bodies, bending shadows to her whim, firing off ectoplasm, and conversing with the dead. Her powers can be shorted out by religious items of any sort, and her villains sadly figure out that holy water, be it blessed by a priest or Zamzam from Mecca, will rob her of her powers for a good 15 minutes. Solidly and unapologetically good, despite her skill set. Silly sense of humor, with an engineer's mind and a love of books. Has a sister named Jamie who she loves more than life itself. Nancy has a very on-again, off-again relationship with Ben, which ultimately, spoilers, results in them getting married and starting a family.

Cheatcode: Henry Durban, 12 years old, is a technological whiz-kid who comes from a terrible family. His parents are never around long enough to notice that his sister Monroe had dragged him into the world of underground crime. Monroe, who is both telepathic and telekinetic, figured that the easiest way to bribe their passage into the right circles would be to offer her brother's talents up to the highest bidder. The highest bidder turned out to be the Mayor's daughter, Adrianna Quicksilver, who not only was Charlene's age, but became her bestie. Henry was forced to invent bigger and worse weapons for them until Ben Sage figured out what was going on and spirited him away by basically adopting the kid in all but name. Adrianna did not want to cross Ben and let it go, happy to keep one Durban sibling to herself for her own private army. Ben employed Henry as his tech support for his senatorial suite and Henry thinks the guy hung the moon in the sky. Becomes best friends with the introverted Kincaid Keyser.

Swashbuckler: Kincaid Keyser, 13 years old, son of rich international shipping magnates who thought that parenting was kind of a hands off thing. They provided Kincaid with the best education money could buy but none of the love a growing kid needed. Channeled a lot of his anger and loneliness into learning the archaic art of swordplay, going on to win a multitude of championships. Finally sick of being lonely, he hit the streets as a baby super villain, only to nearly kill Nancy. This shocked him out of his path and he took her advice, turning to good and reversing his blades, so that they became sakabato (swords which do not kill). Nancy introduced him to Henry and the two became thick as thieves.


Speedster/Accelerate: Benjamin Wallace Sage, currently in his mid-20s, with the ability of super speed. He is a clever and witty cat burglar, with a very important connection to the city's hero, Nancy Solo, as he saved her life when they were children. His current day job is working as one of Capital City's Senators, in which he is an unmitigated force for good. His modus operandi is to steal expensive things for the thrill and to attract the attention of the city's major heroine, Ghost/Spectre, only to return the stolen items later. When he does steal and not return things, it is because he has taken from the rich to enrich those of less means. He never keeps things for himself. Clearly in love with the city's protector but trying not to show it or let anyone know, he is proof that sometimes supervillains and superheroes can be friends in their off hours. (She's more than a little in love with him herself.)

Pyro/Inferno: Everett Enders, late 20s, was a high school jock who ended up trying to better those around him by becoming Capital City's school superintendent. He was Speedster's partner in crime, the two of them working together to bring down corrupt individuals whose spotless reputations would make them beyond Ghost/Spectre's reach, only to go a little too far for what they did to be considered legal. You can't commit arson just because you know that the Mayor is corrupt, no matter how much proof you have. His tendencies towards petty crimes tapered off as he grew and matured, eventually ending entirely. Spends most of his villainous career as Pyro but switches to Inferno before becoming a hero in his own right. This kid is my trash son and I love him.

Valentine: Eric Valentine, early 30s, is a true nerd, created by me as sort of an author surrogate for when I wanted to geek out. He is incredibly tech savvy and a proficient archer. His current day job is college professor. Eric is a mercenary with a heart of gold, who spends most of his time committing crimes of industrial espionage for the highest bidder. He's never killed anyone and doesn't plan to start anytime soon. He can be hired for good just as easily as evil and becomes Capital's defender temporarily when events beyond her control force Nancy to take a relatively short leave of absence.

Akhenaten: Julius Mohamed, late 20s/early 30s, is a physician with a connection to old magic that manifests itself in sharing a body with an ancient pharaoh, Akhenaten. Akhenaten died young but was proficient in both strategy and martial arts. He's more than a little bloodthirsty, in the way old tyrants are, leaving our boy Jules to rein him in. Julius wants nothing more than to collect items of antiquity and return them to the lands they came from, with the aid of Akhenaten and his best friend Gabriel. Has a sister, Fatima, who while not sharing her body with an ancient entity, has magic of her own and goes by the nom-de-guerre Major Arcana. Both siblings speak with British accents as they are immigrants to the city. (Pediatrician)

Flavius Arcturius: Gabriel Muller, late 20s, is a lawyer who immigrated from Switzerland and met Julius in college. The two of them bonded over a love of history and soon became inseparable. Gabriel too shares his body with an ancient soul, Roman General Flavius Arcturius, who became attached to the young man by accident when he and his parents were on archeological dig and disrupted the wrong ruins, sometime before he ever met Julius. When the two realize just how much they have in common, their villainous partnership really took off. Gabriel is the more level headed of the two and gets along rather well with Flavius in a way that Julius and Akhenaten can only wish to work.

McBageler: Emmanuel DeSantos, mid 30s, mechanic who really only ever wanted to be a baker but was unable to do so due to the wishes of his family. Since he promised them that he would pursue a different career, he is resigned to a life of repairing broken cars and busted bikes in the family garage. However, when off duty, he uses his wages to cover the expenses necessary to build a bagel gun and strike fear into the heart of bakeries everywhere. After all, if you cannot rule in heaven, you might as well raise heck, right? Manny, as he's known, was created on a whim, a reminder that there are more lighthearted villains out there, and that you really, really shouldn't underestimate them because a hot bagel to the face hurts just as much as being punched.

Upgrade: Eloise Carnefeller, late 50s, a socialite who, just like Manny, was stopped by her family from pursuing a life of technological advancements because they would have preferred a son for that. Go figure. We all know that the past was not a pleasant place for women with technical skills. Bitter at the society that raised her, Eloise spends her time designing ever more complicated devices while hiding behind the role society foisted on her. She is well known for creating wicked viruses that she unleashes on the unknowing masses, dedicated to wrecking havoc on a world that could not accept a female inventor and programmer.

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