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I am Someone You Used To Know. That may be confusing, so I'll explain it later on.

About me

I am a carefully crafted author of badly written poems, liberal fiction, and other things that no one will ever read until I guilt them into it. I used to write fanfiction. Sometimes I like people, sometimes I don't. Call me El. Or better yet, don't call me anything. Calling me something makes it seem like we know each other, and unless you know my actual name or you have my email, that's kinda creepy, honestly. I play flute and piano, but I don't really know why you should care about that.

Also, like, most of my poems don't mean anything. The only ones that do are Our Waters and Sometimes I Wonder, and the latter only means something cryptic and hard to find out.

I'm not doing PMs on this account. It takes too much effort to socialize.

I could put a profile pic up...but it takes too much effort. You'll just have to DEAL.

My username (symbolism, why I chose it)


Someone You Used To Know can mean a lot of things. I like to think of it as someone you knew really well, but moved away or left you or something, and when you came back were a completely different person. I think it holds a bit of melancholy, and a bit of heartache, too.

Meaning to me

The meaning of Someone You Used To Know is something close to me. It describes losing someone, whether mentally or physically, and makes you grow weaker and stronger at the same time.

Why I chose it

I chose this username because not only is it poetic, but it also rings a bell in my heart. This username makes me feel stuff, and that's what I need.

fanfiction - ThatGirlWithaCat, no links though. You want to find me, do it the hard way.

I truly honestly hate this website (and, but I can't seem to get away from it. Oh well. Guess I'll be on here till the day I die. Unless the internet like, isn't a thing anymore.

Heartaching Quotes (that secretly mean nothing, like most of what I say):

"The moment you understand will be the moment you realize nothing will ever be the same."

"And so, look to me, and see, that we are all equal in this world."

"Everything the darkness touches is everywhere the light does not reach."

"I'll be here, waiting, dreaming, hoping for you, whether you know it or not."

"Love is a force to embrace, not cast away."

I have no idea what else to put here, so go check out Wisps of Autumnal Dreams. She's nice enough.

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