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HOLYYYY CRAP.. I leave the country to attend my friends wedding and return only to find that all my stuff got freakin deleted... TO TOP THINGS OFF MY HARDRIVE CRASHED DELETING ALL MY WORK. WHAT THE HECK !!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SITE.. THAT'S IT I'M OUTTA HERE.. THIS SITE SUCKS..

I'm moving to that mediaminer place. You can catch me there. Unfortunately there will be new stories as I currently don't have any of my old stories on me at the moment. Sheesh that's the dumbest thing to do delete all the NC-17 work. Some of the best stories are rated NC-17.. What the heck is this a kiddy land story place? If this is what Fanfiction intended then u should have said so at the start, that way I wouldn't have bothered. Totally bites.. anyhow.. la dee da For those wanting to read more of my work go to mediaminer and look under the new name Graphite.. HEY ALL I JUST GOT A COPY OF MY STORY FROM Byakko Rei and StarChaser. THANK U TWO 4 ALL UR SUPPORT. A special thanks to Kay-chan and Niner for offering to help me. Stay posted on as I will continue the story there under the name Graphite.

Thanx a bunch for your support,
Graphite ^_^