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Status: 10-11-02:

Whatever is happening to people's sense of right and wrong is appauling.

And really if you want to flame, or yell at me, or rant and rave at me so badly, it's not like my e-mail is hidden. fablespinner@.

Fire away loves.

Second, and let's make this perfectly clear, fanfiction.net is NOT my primary archive facility. I have my own, and on my own archive are list of disclaimers and for the Gundam Wing Stories, in the form of "These belong to..." discliamers said ONE TIME in bold letters on/in my archive. I do not label the disclaimers (Which never change) on every single story for the sheer fact that no one wants to read it on everystory in my archive. They read it once to get in, that's more than enough.

These fics posted here are just copies of SOME of the stories in my archive.

I've never heard of anyone getting flamed for lack of boring disclaimers that are recurrent and redundant.

Furthermore, due to recent changes at , I've already mentioned that I am no longer contributing to the stories here, so if you rant and rave at me in reviews, unless someone TELLS ME it's there, I'm not going to even see it and you're wasting your time.

Feel free to speak your mind to me in person, I don't bite and every opinion is valid after.

Messy mud-slinging is pointless and really should be said to my face... don't you agree?

This will be my last update, I had left here almost a month ago, and I only visit to read others work.

I don't check my reviews nor my fics here anymore.

I was made aware of new flames by a fan, so unless that happens again, I'll likely not see it.

So once again, if you've got something to say, say it to me, I'm all ears.

Farewell again, hopefully for the last time.

The Fablespinner

Current Update Status 9-15-02:

Well folks, it looks like censorship has finally decided to visit fanfiction.net.

That's a pity.

As of this point I will no longer be keeping current what is uploaded here. No more updates seeing as over half of my stories will soon e deleted due to censorship.

I am still writing, and if you wish to keep abreast of my stories, you are cordially invited to visit my website where everything eventually will be archived.

It's been fun while it lasted.

The Fablespinner

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