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Hi, my name is Deb Howell. I'm working feverishly to finish my 3rd book in my first Romantic Fantasy trilogy. Between young children and falling out of the online writing communities over the years, my writing rate has taken a huge hit. One thing I had going for me, in particular when I wrote my first novel and somewhat when I wrote my second, was easy access to fairly frequent feedback, which kept me on track and helped when confidence was low. However, to date, writing Book 3 has been a very lonely journey and that, combined with the young children and work commitments, has seen me grind very nearly to a halt. I realize that sharing my writing in it's early stages opens me up to criticism as well as some back-patting, and I admit I am hoping for a little more of the latter, just because the former is *so* easy to come by.

I also recall the value of providing feedback for others, and as I develop my new schedule (the youngest begins school in a month!--as at January 2021) I will certainly be fitting in more writing-adjacent work, such as critiquing.

I am a New Zealander, and so am generally more comfortable writing in a UK-esque English, but I am transitioning my fiction into US English. Please forgive me and let me know if I've made glaring errors that my spell-check may not have picked up.

As at January 2021, I have the first two novels in my trilogy published via a small publisher, but I have my eye on a future in self-publishing. I have one more book to write in that series, and another series bubbling away.

Thank you for taking the time to pop by.