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"Writing is a bit like allowing your life to become the perfect fairy tale. It's letting you open your soul to love and your mind to all the worlds contained at your fingertips. It's letting your heart meld into something much stronger than any could ever imagine."--Jane Mabrientha (Original quote)

I have always loved to read and when I stumbled upon the idea of online writers, I was hooked. I read all the stories I could be they fanfiction or fiction and for a few years it became an escape of reality into a life where normal people (I assumed) could write wonderful stories. The best part was that happy endings could always be found no matter what was happening in the world. The writers I read and the sites I went to became a place where I could always find a chapter of someone else's life to escape into and close the door shut after me. It was an escape into the joy of a happy ending just as my ink and paper books already were. Writing stopped being a hobby and became a way of life for me. I think reading so many other writers helped me realize that there was nothing I could be but a writer and I'll always be grateful to the writers for that.

Now I'm in my 20's and I can say with complete honesty that I love reading online writers just as much as I do all my ink and paper books. I enjoy reading all writers' creativity. I am a writer myself so I understand how precious it is to complete something and have it take a life of its' own. I understand how hard it is to share your writing with others. I look forward to reading more stories, to keeping up with my favorite authors, and to writing all my stories that I've been plotting in my room for years now. I just have to wait until I finish editing them. I love receiving reviews but I can only respectfully ask for them. Any writer knows how amazing a positive review can feel. I also would love any creative advice or constructive criticism as long as it is respectful. I love to learn about my favorite passion...writing! The best part is there is always something new to learn about it.

I love pretty much any genre of writing though I'm not a huge fan of graphic horror, graphic crime, or anything too violent. I do love writing families, magic, or romance the best. I do enjoy a mix of genres and that's how I tend to write. I prefer fantasy but that's generally because fantasy or magical tales are more likely to show the magic of love and happy endings.

As for the basics about me, I love the colors black (nobody can convince me it isn't a color), emerald green, forest green, midnight blue, burnished gold, and burnt orange. I love love and happy endings. I love magic. I am female and have successfully found my soulmate--he's the most amazing guy. I prefer vintage to modern. I love old black and white movies and tv shows. I love rainy days and musicals. My hobbies include reading, baking, calligraphy, taking long walks in the rain, spending time with my family, music, drawing, and writing poetry.

I hope that you enjoy my stories and that I'll be able to discover even more amazing writers. And maybe, I'll be able to learn more about my own capabilities as a writer.

I can also be found on fanfiction.net under the same username as here. I'm also on Instagram under the profile name theladyofmagic1417. Feel free to look at my stories on fanfiction.net as well or follow me on Instagram.