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Update November 6, 2005

Bo is very scared, for masters seem to be plotting something nef-neffa--niffy--something bad. Play "Ha Ha You're Dead" when writing lots of A.P. Euro essays, laugh when see A.P. Euro teacher, giggle, giggle, giggle. Up to something. Bo keep watch on masters. Masters go to prison, Bo not gets yummy treats.

- Bo, Esteemed Hall Monitor

Quote of the Week: "I'm sorry. I react to certain doom a certain way. It's a bad habit." - Rodney McKay, Stargate: Atlantis

Medical Records – Unclassifiedly Classified

Name: Emy (last name undisclosed)
Gender: Female
Natal Day: May 2, 1988
Height: 177.8 cm
Build: Medium, tall.
Hair: Short brownish blond
Eyes: Green/blue
Distinguishing Marks: Yellow ring around iris
Personality, Brief: Fairly mild, tends to exhibit rather disturbing “control freak” tendencies when writing with Bunny and with her cell.
Oddities: Abrupt mood swings, enjoys discussing strange things, like shounen-ai.
Confirmed Psychiatric Diagnosis: Avoidant Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (mild), manipulative and exploitive behaviour, ataxophobia, automatonophobia, coulrophobia, mottephobia, trypanophobia.
Evokes Positive Stimulation: Manga; books esp. of fantasy, sci-fi, suspense; Anime; money.
Evokes Negative Stimulation: Responsibility, work, Bunny’s younger siblings, uncle on mother’s side.
Background Information, Brief:
Mother: Lisa
Father: Daniel
Siblings: Gwendolynn (full-blood, three years junior)
Pets: One dog, one rabbit

Name: Bunny (last name undisclosed)
Gender: Female
Natal Day: June 4, 1988
Height: 154.9 cm
Build: Short, compact
Hair: Short, naturally ash blonde, currently dyed darkish brown
Eyes: Murky green
Distinguishing Marks: Scar on right of upper lip, small-framed spectacles.
Personality, Brief: Generally bright and energetic, may swiftly change to sullen and uncooperative, rather sarcastic.
Oddities: Exhibits sudden, unprovoked spats of “evil” giggling.
Confirmed Psychiatric Diagnosis: Avoidant Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (mild), viciously paranoid, manipulative and exploitive behaviour, socially maladaptive, ataxophobia, automatonophobia, coulrophobia, helminthophobia, scriptophobia.
Evokes Positive Stimulation: Manga, stuffed animals, Sirius Black, Anime, books of the horror/thriller/otherwise odd variety; bad sci-fi movies.
Evokes Negative Stimulation: The phrase “Sirius Black is dead forever! Hah!”, younger sisters, being forced to write (evokes balking)
Background Information, Brief:
Mother: Bonnie
Father: Scott (biological), Jay (former step-dad), Robert (new step-dad, currently the father being called “Dad”)
Siblings: Courtney (full-blood, two years junior), Katelynn (half-sibling, four years junior), Nicole (half-sibling, three/four years junior), Danielle (former step-sister, four years senior)
Pets: One cat, one dog, and a rat-dog


When Daylight Fades: And now, finally, chapter nine! Not much more to say, except keep a vomit bag handy.

Dark As Night: A long while ago we had the hare-brained idea to edit the origonal version, and after doing so found our direction for the story had died somewhere along the way. Currently we're working on future plans, touching up character profiles, and hoping for the best. It is more than likely regular updates will not resume until When Daylight Fades is completed and out of the way. Please have patience. We won't abandon this story.

Companionship: Complete!


More When Daylight Fades. Hopefully when we're through with that, we can get back to Dark As Night. A.P. Euro is going to kill us. The essays are complicated and myriad. We fear...we fear it may be too much for two procrastinators to bear, frankly. And why the hell are there group activities in bloody Pre-Calculus? We are not in first grade anymore. We hate people. Why us, I ask you? Why?

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