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Konnichiwa Princess Apathy here. Um ok so I'm going to update this cause my sisters has done nothing but piss and moan about it. Um so yeah I'm stumped, no doubt I am just so interesting. Who cares to know about me anyway? In truth I am a pathetic author I have written 2 incomplete fanfics to my sisters 10. For any of those who know Usure Destinys I am taking it down and rewriting because it is a load of crap. A new fight (my other story) is also being taken down because I have changed my mind about the start and also it shall be re named "The Lost Girls"

Um so yeah I am the older of the Evil Emzo and Princess Apathy duo. I am also the better one

Evil Emzo: Bullshit! I'm better. I update so ner

Yeah well keep telling yourself that Emz if it helps you sleep at night. I am a (slightly mad)
Aussie highschool student. I am completly and utterly obsessed with the following: Anime, Bishouens, Lord of the Rings, Legolas, Bishouens,
Legolas and rock music, oh and lets not forget Legolas (mmmmm orlando bloom)

Evil Emzo and Princess Apathy's
Bishouen List

Mirai Trunks from Dragon Ball Z-
P.A-Mmmmm Trunks very nice...too bad he's gay
E.E- STUPID COW!!!!!! *gets out ruler* HE IS NOT GAY!! CHIBI TRUNKS IS!! *whacks Princess Apathy continuosly*
P.A- ^_^; riiiiiiiiiiiight that works.
E.E- *whacks her again* TRUNKS IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!! (MIRAI TRUNKS!!!)

Heero Yuy
Duo Maxwell
Trowa Barton
Quatre Raberba Winner
Chang Wufei-all from Gundam Wing
P.A- Whoooaaa boy!!!! Don't get me started on these guys. Ahhhh my wonderful little Gundam Boys *smack*...damn ruler

Yusuke Urameshi-all from Yu Yu Hakusho
E.E- ^.^ bishouens!!
P.A- Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!!!!!!!!!! Ah Kurama...
E.E- *swoons*

P.A- lol um chimera and demon wow we sure know how to pick'em
E.E- Who cares? s'long as they're cute i dun care!

Marron Glace-Bakaretsu/Sorcerer Hunters
P.A- ahhhh my newest bishouen
E.E- my fav character is Tira ^.^ she's cute! i like her voice but nwayz MARRON CUTE!!!

Shinji Ikari
Touji Suzahara-Neon Genenis Evangelion
E.E- ^.^ Touji so funni!!
P.A- I like touji the best but I love Shinji too. I love his character!!!!
E.E- Me too! @.@

Ashitaka-Princess Mononoke
P.A- AHHHHH Hahahahah luving Ashitaka
E.E- He looks da best when he cuts his hair!!
P.A- He looks the best when he loses the dicky hat

Link- Zelda 64
Legolas-Lord of the Rings (movie)
P.A- not exactly anime but I have a thing for blonds (thus Quatre obsession ^_^)
E.E- ^.^ I like Link! he has a sword!! and dey both have a bow!! and arrows!!
P.A- I like swords (thus Hiei obsession)

Sapphire- Sailor Moon
E.E and P.A- WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE HE WAS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Li Syaoran
Hirigaziwa Eriol
Tshurio Yukito- Card Captor Sakura
E.E- YUKITO IS THE GAY ONE!!! Sakura-chan so lucky *sigh* she has Syaoran and Tomoyo-chan had Eriol...

Oh Oh Oh new obsession! new anime! new bishouen!


Hee hee he like youko kurama me liking. So cool

Ja ne *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Am very bored ryt now.

At school on the computer.

Very bored.

Somebody update! *hint hint Springy!!*


I'll give you a cookie!!


Eep!!! my school bell is about to go any second...

The bastards blocked off fanfiction.net, but not hee hee!!

Emzo very happy. Didn't do any homework. Chatted on MSN hee hee

Bad me!

Ok...so whatever I'm actually very excited, but insomnias a bitch but guess what?


Very happy.

Emzo happy!

Emzo no update!]

bad me..

Ok, I'm going

~Evil Emzo (epp! My bell is about to go for 4th period and I haven't done my homework for health!!)

Fight For Our Love- Chapter 5
And HOPEFULLY! Drift And Die and Kurai No Kizuato will be uploaded soon!!..:LAST STORY UPDATED!!:..
Letters From The Inside- chapter 2

..:Stories COMING SOON!:..(I hope -.-')
'When An Angel Cries' DBZ/SM
'Unwanted Visitors'DBZ
'Failure Is Not An Option' DBZ/SM
'Hungry Desires' CCS
'The Silence In The Wind' Mononoke Hime
'Drift And Die' CCS
'Kurai no Kizuato-Dark Scars' CCS(its really sad *tear*)
'Bleeding Innocence' CCS
'Death to the flamers!! Er...still deciding what category, anime crossovers or original anime/manga.

) Drift and Die is dedicated to a girl at my school =)