Jazz Briefs
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Joined 10-04-01, id: 117245
Name: Jasmine

Pen Name: Jazz Briefs

Email: [email protected]


Personality: Crazy, strange, smart

Fav. Food: French Fries

What I call myself: French Fry Chica

What friends call me: Stupid, crazy

Fav. saying: Green beans meet your dreams!

Fav Anime: Dragonball Z, Digimon, MAYBE Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragonball. You know, the ones that show mostly in the USA.

Fav Couples: Dragonball Z- GohanxVidel BulmaxVegeta GotenxBra TrunksxPan TrunksxMarron Chi-ChixGoku
Digimon- KarixTK TaixSora JoexMimi MattxMimi
Pokemon- AshxMisty
Sailor Moon- Sailor MoonxTuxedo Mask

My Stories:

Field Trip to Capsule Corp- A G/V fic with Gohan torture. So far, my most popular fic

12 Holidays to Remember- A holiday fic for those who like to read about the dbz gang during holidays. I'll update this every holiday.

DBZ in Super Smash Bros- The DBZ gang in the game Super Smash Bros, and I'm controlling the game.

The Diary of Son Goten 'Aboard the Titanic'-I'm currently thinking of deleting this story.

The Life of Jasmine Briefs (Kami Help Us All)- The story of me, the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs.

Sweet Revenge at a Sleep-Over- One of my many few Digimon fics. I might update this soon.

Updates: Field trip to Capsule Corp-Well, I updated two days in a row. I feel so special. I might make another chapter in the next 2 days.

12 Holidays to Remember: I'll update this after Thanksgiving. I'll update every holiday.

DBZ in Super Smash Bros.- I'll try to update, once I can find a disk to save it on.

The Life of Jasmine Briefs-My friend is going to write a few chapters soon, so don't be surprised if the story seems different than before.

Sweet Revenge at a Sleep-Over- I'll update this sometime after Thanksgiving.

Misc.: n/a