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Genki desuyo?? from the US and i speak fluent english, chinese (manadarin and cantonese), japanese (though my accent is bad...*grumbles* thats what i get for having a family of japanese/chinese people who speak bad, sometimes mispronounced or broken japanese...T-T)... fav. anime are rurouni kenshin, inuyasha, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, full moon wo sagashite, hikaru no go, naruto, hunterxhunter, and a ton of others!! ^^;; ( a total anime freak...)

obsessions: (kinda minor but ah well..^_^)
naruto: haku
hikaru no go: waya yoshitaka!!!! *
hunterxhunter: kurapika *KAWAII!!!* and killua *KAKKOI!!* ^^;;
fushigi yuugi: amiboshi and suboshi
spirited away: haku!!!!!! hehehe
shaman king: HAO!!!! (strange neh?) and...REN! (except for the weird spiky hair >.>;; not to mention he looks kinda WELL =^^=)...and...LYSERG!!! ^_^ (wowies lotsa obsessions here neh?)
angel sanctuary: mad hatter

One of my two MOST fave anime characters is Okita Soushi from Rurouni Kenshin!! (After all...the idea for the picture of my number one obsession WAS derived from Okita-kun...^_^)

and number one obsession:

SETA SOUJIRO!!!!!!! *huggies*
Me: KAWAII!!!!
Sou-chan: Urk...Itai...*faints from being hugged to hard*
Me: *looks horrified* Sou-chan!! Daijobu?!?!?!?
Me: *thinks to herself* Maybe i should do CPR...
Sou-chan: *wakes up* Iiiiiieeeeeee!!!!! :uses Shukuchi and runs away:
Me: Sou-chan!! Matte!!!!

^_^0 * obsession over soujiro tends to go overboard at times...^^)

~amakasu toko

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