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Stats: 18/f/Australia; Law student; likes: reading, sleeping, movies, watching tv, The X-Files and Harry Potter; dislikes: fundementalism, ignorance, George W. Bush, John Howard/Peter Costello, exams Good: Ron/Hermione; Draco/Hermione; Harry/Ginny; Snape/Hermione post-Hogwarts; Fred and George; Hermione's bushy hair; Snape the Spy; the characters being IN CHARACTER; long stories where complex emotions are thoroughly dealt with; well-written fluff; original characters based on names that have been mentioned in canon; Hermione, "just the way she is," to paraphrase Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones's Diary Bad: Harry/Hermione; Ron/Lavender; slash; Snape/Hermione fifth-year (PtQ exempt); Fred/George; Hermione only being attractive once she's straightened her hair; Snape the Vampire; everyone suddenly becoming "hot" over the summer; superficial "Oh, look, there's Draco/Harry/Hermione I think I'm in love with him/her" romances; plotless, pointless smut; Mary Sues; Hermione, "dying to be popular," to quote some really awful fanfics * Ron/Hermione: It Just Makes Sense!!! -- http:// The Harry Potter Plot Bunnies: Lady Norbert and I (but mainly Lady N, I just sit on AIM and offer moral support...) have just created a totally awesome site to help all our fellow fanfic fans to wade through the immense world of HP ff. We are The HPPB and can be found at http:///plotbunnies/ Mailing List: If you'd like a heads up when I post new stuff, email squin-subscribe@* Updates: 15 July 2002 1. Complicated Redux -- Part Two posted. And it's 100% new, so check it out! By the by, the word-count feature must be as bollocksed as the rest of the site, the count so far should be around the 11,000 mark. 2. Complete -- Prequal to the above, re-posted with some minor corrections I felt it could do with. I think it's my best piece, and if you haven't yet, please have a read and let me know what you think. 2 June 2002 1. Everybody (Voldie's Back) -- It's filk time again! Read: I am bored and also have writer's block. A bit more fun and light comic relief for youse all. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch Oliver teach Harry how to play Quidditch. Again. Recommended e-novel: No Beer in Hawaii by Allison Rushby (register -- it's free, YAY! -- at http://)