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And the Meek Shall InheritHarry PotterTom Riddle, drama
This Little War, Long One ShotHarry PotterDraco/Harry, angst
Rag Doll, One ShotHarry PotterPeter, darkfic, angst
This Little War, Long One ShotHarry PotterPercy/Penny, Percy/Oliver, Penny/Katie, drama/romance

Hi, I'm dilly and I write slash. I generally write Star Trek slash of late. My updates have been slow because my motherboard was fried and I seem to have forgotten how to write on pen and paper. But, I'm finally back and in writing mode, so expect updates of my fics.

Note: I do not, and never plan to start rating slash higher than het fiction. I see no reason why I should. I rate little non-sexual contact with flirting G. I rate anything with sexual contact (holding hands and kissing included) or a great deal of slightly vulgar language ('d' word) PG-13. Any suggestion that sex took place during the fic or with graphic violence and the 's' or 'f' word is rated R. Any fic with graphic sexual scenes is NC-17.